Can someone explain this to me please :-(

Why is the open price on this short position lower than the lowest bid price at any time during that interval? I’m very confused by this :-s

Looks bad.

But this is a firm registered in Cyprus, part of a larger group registered in Belize. I think there’s a hint there…

I dont get it?

Your sell position opening price is 1 08996, the bottom of the candle is 1.08996
What do you mean its lower than the bid position?

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Naturally, you actually sold at your broker’s own bid price but the confusion arises because the screen candle does not reflect a transaction at this price level during this candle.

Your broker most likely receives a price feed from an external source and in that source price feed there was no recording at that price during that candle. Your actual transaction does not impact on the imported price data, although it will normally be very close to it.

However, your broker decides how wide their own spreads are around their core price level and in this case, it seems, their bid ended up remaining below the low of the imported price data for that candle.


All reviews say they’re legit, but I’m very much beginning to agree with you.

Thanks Manxx, that’s very helpful, allbeit worrying. I’ll bear that in mind with future trades.

Ah Belize, I tend to run the other direction when I see that name, at least with trading.

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