Can someone recommend me a good and reliable broker?

I think what you should also look for is an Ecn broker that can execute your trade instantly gives you tight spread and leverage to make more money in the market and processing your withdrawals without issue. I once had an account with profiforex and i never had problems dealing with them.

I can’t recommend a good one but I can share with you to stay away from ufxmarkets.

In my opinion pepperstone is quite ok, they have good leverage and spreads.

I’ll first name some of the leading brokers- fxpro, fxpulp, finpro, almari and oanda. All of them are good. Your choice would be based on your requirements. You don’t have minimum deposit problems so you can get high leverage, but if you wnat to start with a small amount, then finpro should suit you. All of them have mt4 platform but finpro’s trading stattion is more advanced than the usual mt4. Payments shouldn’t be an issue with any of them. Websites are decent. IDs would be needed, but these are reputed brokers so shouldn’t worry about that. I haven’t heard much about Instaforex, Forex4you and Fxopen so can’t comment on that. ECN is Electronic Communication Network. Its benefit is that unlike Market Makers, ECN doesn’t trade against your or doesn’t try to hunt down your stop losses. Also, there is no dealing desk so order execution is much quicker. If you are still new at trading and want more experience before you trade on your strategies, then you use Zulu Trade and Algo Trade with Finpro. I myself did that before I could trade on my own. But many brokers are not connected with Zulu. So Finpro should be the reliable broker you are looking for, that can help you make money in the market.

yeah. i trade in mayzus and liteforex. i like bonus. they give i high bonus. i do not have any issue with them. i think we can find for us some broker. we will invest all fund on them.

Some index to check for good broker: system reliablity, withdraw speed, spreads, and regulation. Do some research before deposite.

In forex the most important thing you can get is a good and reliable broker. Profiforex has always been my choice with fast execution and low spread they also support bitcoin payment method which am currently using. It easy, safe and without charges on withdrawal and deposit.

Hello people!
I’m quite new at binary options trading, but I want to share my experience with one broker. So I have been using tradorax for some time and I can honestly say I have been really glad that I have chosen them. I like my account manager and I’m satisfied with the trading education he gave me at the beginning so that I could understand the specifics of trading. I like the conditions they offer and my account manager gave me very important tips and until now I’m happy with the results. I have still a lot to learn and I’m trying to develop my own strategy.

Nothing to say much, but you should find a broker own an office like this:

Guess it’s a part of their promotion, making appearance of frenetic activity :smiley:

I strongly believe that recommendation and suggestion should be there yet we must always check on our own, it’s not like if one recommend you a company and you join it then if you lose he is going to refund you or pay, so it’s your pocket you must pick the right size for it. I will suggest Octafx broker since I have been working with them for quite a while now yet I will maintain check it with their demo account and only if you feel satisfied then join it.


they are great brokers

Im not so sure about FXCM after all the issues they had lately. check out this list of top 12 brokers that one of the BabyPips guy has maintained by vetting it over last 6 years

Can watch the list of leading Forex brokers here For each of the brokers provides information on minimum investment and other. However,if you want to start with 1000 dollars,you need to guide them.

list of FCA brokers is far from complete. Do they charge money and if not getting paid don’t list brokers?

When choosing a broker first of all we emphasis on security of funds. I think the reliable broker is a broker which guarantees their clines funds with certainly.

Nice recommendation. Could you advice me which broker to trade with?

When looking for a broker should you be looking for a broker that secures client money in a segregate bank account or in a trust ? Which one is safer in the case if the broker goes belly up ?

By far the best I have experienced this year is an offshore broker that has proved more than competitive & more important to me trustworthy. It is not the glossy glitz of most brokers that lure you in on B Book models but I have not found anything close so far.

Pure A Book, Institutional rates and execution. free education, etc etc.

I have no hesitation recommending them as they are retail traders who set up a brokerage to avoid the usual scams!

I am totally sold!

Hotforex is best too