Can Teenagers Make Money ,Trading Forex

Skills and knowledge are more important than your age. So focus should be on that

I think teenagers aren’t the least of the traders. And trading from an earlier age is good, and you can gain experience and be a successful trader by the age of 25. Plus, teenagers have faster learning ability, which will help them quickly master trading. But there is a problem that young traders are very impulsive, greedy, and their emotions often guide them. Because of this, many young people quit trading, thinking that it is not for them.

Some teenagers are make fake IDs and bank accounts to trade with the help of relatives . This is increasing day by day so we can expect more teenagers entering the market in the hopes of making a fortune.

Hey everyone, I am a fifteen year old from australia and i’ve been researching the forex market for quite some time now. How can i start trading on a live account?

Theres 3 or 4 teenage traders on The Trading Nut Podcast that are successfull. One of them was 15 years old.

Yes teenagers can make money in the forex, if they understand market well and can even turn their trading as their career.

I want to do trading so bad , I’m 15 but they won’t take my id :neutral_face: and I don’t know what other app to use

I’d like to know too

Just because you cannot trade at the moment does not mean you cannot learn how to trade. You can start with the pips school.

Yes of course, it’s just a matter of training.

Yes, at the end of the day, skills matter the most.

I don’t think age can be a matter to trade in the forex market. If you have proper knowledge about the market you can easily trade in the market and make profit.

Why not? If you have knowledge about forex market then go ahead.

I just had to add a grumpy reply - the answer to any question that starts, “Can I as a teenager…?”, is “No”.

Have your parents open a demo account in their name.

Yh I’ll probably do that

Everybody can make money on Forex you must only know what you are doing.

Everyone can trade Forex, be it teenagers or old people. However, as teenagers are younger, their emotions work more. For this, they need to control their emotions. If they can control their emotions, they can make a lot of profit from trading. They need good analysis and they need to learn a lot.

The issue here is not the ability of a teenage trader, the issue here is the legality - if it is allowed in their country to trade at that age.

True, regarding the legality - no real broker would knowingly allow underage people to trade on their platform.
Personally, I think it’s for the best - people under 18 are children still. Their brains and congitive functions are not fully developed. Teenagers make reckless decisions because of that - they do not fully comprehend long-term consequences of their actions, that is a medical fact. As such they should not be trading.
So the issue is the ability too, not just the legality.