Can you give me advies

Hello, im little newbie in forex maybe more then half year in that story. I met on forum a guy who made 15% profit monthly. He work on that way that i can give him password of my MT4 and he trade for me, but when he make 10-20% profit he take half and i take half. Its good story buy i asked him how i can know that he isnt a scamer, he tell me this:

“: I need your MT4 account login and password
No need to send me your broker’s website password
I will able to do just trade in your account
If I want to withdrawal money, it is not possible
And withdrawal always go back into the account, you deposited
You can ask the same question to live chat of broker”

Its sound really nice for me. He recomend me a broker Fort Financial Servise you can find them

Im intersted your opinion on this story and what you think about this offer and what you think about this broker?

Tnx in advance :slight_smile:

never heard of something like that.

in order for him to trade in your name/behalf he actually does not need your mt4 account.

he can easily ope a mini fund where you sign a contract and deposite money and other 100 people do the same then he is trading in one fund on one platform in the name of 100 people and can do his 15% monthly and pay out people. thats how usualy things are handled.

im not going to say scam or whatever but hey, try it with 500 and see what the outcome is :wink:

You would give your account log in information to a complete stranger, never never do this

Yea but i give only pass of MT4 acc not from Id in broker house. For pick up money he need my email and confirmation code with my phone. I saw his posts on much forums he is really popular there, so i think he is not so big scamer.

If i give to him my Mt4 log information what he can do with something like that?

do it and give us your feedback

Whats his name, maybe someone here will recognise him

His name is Shayan Khan. In my opinion real guy with nice work. Im not master on forex but i can see that he is all day on forums and all day on skype too. On his profile where i met him you can see this too

“I am here to manage accounts. I believe on performance, not on words… You can easily earn 20% to 30% per month without any big risk with me…
this is my account, check the performance…
Login : 238741
Investor : NOMANzahoor1
Server: USGFX-Live
Broker: USGFX”

Somebody who knot much stuff about this can see his work and his results in last time.