Can you make a living trading?

I’m new only using a demo account for the last year but always lost money. Never had successful runs. If i did, i always ended up losing all my money. anyway, Do people actually make a living trading ?. Maybe i should switch from scalping as it does not fit my personality.

Hi scalping is the most hard trading method, try otther time frames like H1 or H4, don’t give up :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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Only risk 1% per trade
Only risk 1% per trade
Try trading from a higher timeframe
Only risk 1% a trade
Only take max 2 trades a day
Dont trade mondays and fridays
Only risk 1% a day

Try that.
If you’ve been doing the above, let us know and we’ll add to them.


Scalping needs skills, time and efforts. If you have figured out that scalping is not for you, may be it’s a good sign and you can switch.

Plan A doesn’t woik. Bring in Plan B! We have a long ways to go befoww we quit! Keep givin’ ur kitty best! :smirk_cat:

Its possible to make a living from trading forex but you have to be very good at sticking tightly to a well understood process. You can only know how much you can make if you know your win rate, your average winners and average losers and how many trades a year you take.

Even though doubling your account in a year only requires a profit on the account of 6% per month, very few people can keep up that level of consistency.

Demo trade until you are consistent.

when u say time, u mean keep practicing demo ?.

You can make a living scalping, just that it’s harder to be consistently profitable in scalping as opposed to in swing trading. Swing trading is more forgiving, in swing trading when something does not work you can easily just get out at a BE or small loss. When you scalp, a mistake usually will means a full SL, as SL must be tight to preserve a reasonable R:R. In scalping you have to really know what you are doing to avoid loss which is why it’s difficult to remain consistently profitable all the time.

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Of course! I’m not one of those lucky peeps, but sure strive to be.

No not demo.

You should refer school of pipsology and try some new techniques on demo account except scalping before going live.