Can you recommend me some brokers? (Best brokers?)

Hotforex offers similar discounts and many other brokers, I would advice you to focus instead on your trading system and trading skills rather than broker promotions.

I recommend you FXDD. Here are the regulations:

Investor Compensation Scheme
The Investor Compensation Scheme administed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Maltese regulator, provides limited protection for certain classes of investors. FXDD Malta Ltd. Contributes to this scheme annually and in the event it becomes insolvent, its customer are afforded protection. FXDD Malta’s customers will be eligible for compensation of 90% of their investment up to a maximum limit of €20,000. Professional Clients or Eligibale counter parties are not eligible for compensation as they fall out of the scope of the Investor Compensation Scheme which was set up as a protection for retail customers.

Negative Balance Protection
FXDD Malta Ltd, provides clients with the benefit of Negative Balance Protection at its own cost which means that any client trading losses cannot exceed the available funds in the client accounts and client account balances will never become negative.

FXDD Global – Regulation
FXDD Malta Ltd. holds a Category 3 investment services License no. IS/48817 issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (The MFSA). Furthermore, FXDD Malta Ltd. is authorised to operate and provide cross border investment services in all the countries within the EEA.

Avoid any broker from any other regulations except CFTC, ASIC and FCA

i can recommend ACMBrokers, its the first forex broker in West Africa. their spread start from zero , their minimum leverage is 1:1, while their maximum leverage is 1:1000. Their deposit and withdrawals is also very fast.

Allow me to propose the broker
For anyone who wishes to trade volatility 75 and other indices.

I have tested and traded on their platform without any problems.
It also offers very interesting pairs and assets. Simple enough for beginner traders too. Try it and you’ll thank me afterwards.

Every broker is a market maker for traders who don’t know how to trade. Brokers trading decisions are not like that of few pips catchers. Most of the time, more than 70% of retail traders are positioned in the wrong direction with senseless stops. So, obviously, a broker with a team of organized professionals will be trading in the opposite direction (right obviously). If a broker is regulated, it can’t make you lose if your strategy is perfect for trading forex. The requirements for an honest forex broker is that it should be fair in dealings, willing to process your withdrawals and where your funds are secure. A lot of failed traders asked a lot about Exness, but I’m trading with this broker for more than 6 years now and I think, I’m the most satisfied customer of this broker but you can still google a lot of bad reviews for my broker. So in a nutshell, develop a good strategy and trade with an honest broker and success is just a step away.

i dont think there is a BEST as per say, there are only brokers that work, go with stablished ones and have good trading conditions, i personally use hotforex but i would highly recommend making a comparison with other options before deciding, in the end its your investment not ours. good luck

The important thing is to choose a broker that suits your trading style :thinking: . In general, there are many brokers that are considered good, but also need to have a lot of experience.
Check out the reviews here In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

Hello guys. I just found this website : brokersnest . com

I liked it because they rate the brokers by a lot of criterion, shows how many percent of people lost in every broker, so it lets you decide easier

Why is that? Why don’t you like CySEC? It has improved considerably because of pressure from other governments to be more transparent. It’s no longer a harbour for fraudsters.

How do you measure their improvement, any tangible proof ?

Not sure about the best brokers but some reliable one can be found if you research a bit cause every broker has its own criteria and ways of operation, like some brokers have a minimum opening balance of even 10$ and some with 100$ but before you choose check if its legitimate and even some prefer the leverages to be higher.

They now compensate investors if some broker goes bankrupt, also they’ve reduced the number of license they grant per year, and brokers are now required to reveal % of losing traders. Before CySeC was pure offshore in the most negative sense of this notion.

Hi, there are several good brokers but also a lot of scam ones as well, if your searching for a good broker i just started trading again, i used to trade and was in it for years but then had to stop for while had some issues and now since i am back and things have changed i was a bit confused in trading, so i had to start from first but since i started again and checked every site and page for a good broker there are several ones like CMCmarkets, FP Markets and SAXO, there are more but these are the ones that is currently trending, i would suggest everyone to do their own comparison and then choose, you will end up with one of these i bet.

Hi, Jennifer, it was nice to see your comment on the brokers, these are not just the ones are trending they are several ones, internet is wide so there are several brokers that are trending and some brokers do it for their rate to go up.

And yes FP Market is also a current trending broker though they were active from 2005 (from what i know), they were not that popular and many traders din’t know they even exist, so recently they started their own page and they are on Twitter and other social media platforms, a good trader to use, did my research on them and seem to be a genuine broker and some prefer saying the term ''Worth the money".

I’m still doing my research on other traders and reviewing them and also trying them out, i do not have anything new to say for the other traders you mentioned since they are well known for a long time.

It’s nice to see that such a thread is still alive. Interesting to see how recommendations are changing throughout time. OK, I’ll contribute to it too. I’ve dealt with dekocorp a lot of times and I’m totally satisfied with their services.

Try FP Markets you wont be disappointed. Good reviews about them on several sites.

One of the qualities of this broker is that it is simple to use.
As soon as you register, you can start trading, without the need for prior verification.

This broker accepts deposits and withdrawals via visa card, but also online portfolios. (Perfect money, crytomoney, etc.).

  • The deposit with the visa card is instantaneous.


  • Deposit via e-wallet is instantaneous. Withdrawal takes maximum 24 hours.

This broker offers two accounts
The first account is a standard account suitable for trading currencies such as eurusd, usdjpy, audusd…

The second account is called a synthetic account. It is an account for trading indices.
There are some new and very interesting ones like volatility 75, crash, boom, etc.

The trading platform it uses is the Metatrader 5 (Mt5) available playstore.

About the minimum deposit and withdrawal is 10

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Currently trading with turnkeyforex. Got registered in no time. Offering MT4 platform for trading. Gotta say, they got some real deal to consider. I am enjoying trading with them as spreads are not very high. A broker that can be considered for trading.

Hi @SithJawa

Im from Central America and i wanted to ask if Forexcom is reliable forme too?
Then the other question i had is about the withdrawals, they have a withdrawal fee? How long they take to deposit your money? And finally what options are for the withdrawal, skirll?paypal? My bank account?

Thank you in advance…