Canadian Brokers? True ECN Ideally

Hi babypips community! Long time no see :smiley_cat:

I’m curious what your recommendations are for Canadian brokers.

I was with Oanda, and was told to ABORT, and to find a true ECN broker. So I signed up with FXTM, and their platform is ancient. The desktop version works well, but the app, which I use to take signal trades, is frustrating at best. I realize I’ll probably need to make a USD account, like I did with FXTM, and I don’t have much capital (yet) to put into an account with a minimum deposit requirement (I’ve seen some that require minimum balances of $5000+)

Hit me with your brokers and let me know why you like them!

Thanks, and may the pips be with you :raised_hands:

generally i have seen traders like their regulation but not real experience with them.

thanks! I assume you’re talking about Oanda or FXTM?

I am over in Alberta and lately its been harder and harder to find someone who will deal with Alberta’s regulations quite a pain. But after bouncing around a bit I have been with Blackbull Markets for the last about 4 months and so far they have been great! Easy to get a hold of, really good spreads and quick execution.

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love it! thanks, will definitely look into them

Check out my Broker, OspreyFX
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that’s my favourite kind of ECN platform! haha thank you, I definitely will

I’m in ON and am quite happy with OANDA. Out of curiosity, why were you told to abort?

because he doesn’t like market makers. There are a couple threads on here I saw (but didn’t read) about OANDA you could check out, but I’m sure every broker has their good and bad reviews

the genuine broker always ensures security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies.

I see that FXTCM basically promoted everywhere now so it’s kinds scare me as well. you do not need any additional accounts, your broker should create all of this in reality. No need for everything else anyway. Can you see ?

You can check out Turnkey forex(ECN broker). They are my favourite. Amazing spreads and low commissions.

awesome, thank you!