Canadian Brokers?

Hello, I’m a new trader ( less than 3 months demo trading)

Should I trade a Canadian Broker or an International Broker?

@shawn2018 Since fx trading is purely online these days, you should go with an offshore broker as you can start with low deposit and they give you more space to diversify as opposed to Canadian regulated brokers. you can refer to this thread. Going offshore to escape the CFTC managed by a very senior member of the community. the thread lists brokers tried and tested by genuine traders. you can start with as low as $5 - $10 with most of them and they offer high leverage allowing you to diversify you risk. i have been with turnkey forex from the list above and they offer very good conditions and hvn’t faced any withdrawal issues with them as well… and the other good brokers listed there are evolve and coinexx. I suggest you try one of the brokers from this thread. Cheers

check in FPA about this brokerage, hope you will find the result

yes i have seen the FPA reviews for this broker, it seems good. but earlier i was skeptical as it was too good to be true. so i tested turnkey forex for about 2-3 months and found out they genuinely are worthy of the 5 stars. the spreads and execution are commendable and i really appreciate their client support. do you have any exp. with them?

Actually without using practically it’s really difficult to suggest ,