'Candlesticks Essentials and Beyond'

In an effort not to hijack the threads of others, I see that Steve Nison is giving a 2 day seminar in Atlanta, GA June 6 & 7 entitled “Candlesticks Essentials and Beyond”. Has anybody attended this class or any of Nison’s classes that would comment on if it is worth the $800 tuition? Or can I get what I need from the School and use the tuition for supplement my account?

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Steve Nison or the seminar mentioned above. I am just a beginning fx trader looking for feedback.


I can’t speak for Steve Nison since I don’t know anything about him, but I don’t think any $800 forex class is worth it. There’s just too much free and low cost educational material out there to pay for stuff like that.

I learned everything I know about forex from online sites such as Babypips, Forex4noobs, and Forex Factory. I now earn my living from trading, so I know it can be done without spending a cent!

Start off with Nisons candlesticks books - well worth the read, i’d give the course a miss.

Read the book and if your interested in the subject and his style he also has dvds on sale.


I will second that!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

He had a full 1 day seminar and filmed it too. You can find it on Rapid (2.3GB) pdf included. :wink:

Thanks all for the feedback. I can definitely put the $$ to other use;-)

help! i am new to forex , needs a mentor

I’m a newbie also…read the babypips school its well worth it and has plenty of information for you to be able to start trading. As for the rest of the information…asking questions and experience :slight_smile:

hi ,
can you recommend a broker where i can open a demo account with.
i need practical experience
but i need some one to give me a direction.

i want to start trading demo forex acct
can you pls recommend a broker
thank you

maybe try oanda.com they have a very easy and userfriendly platform its free and has no timelimit

good luck

If you want MT4, there are several brokers that offer it. I know FXDD offers a 90 day demo where a lot of the other MT4 brokers are 30 days. In most you can demo unlimited, you just have to reset your account after 30 days.