Candlesticks Make it Easy!

Long EURJPY BUEB. PC and triple bottom at the same level. Most likely direction UP.

Weekly timeframe for eurjpy figure out bullish pattern alerady and buy position for me still recommended but as trader also need prepare their risk management level, because sometime trend market easy to changed, stop loss is one way to manage these risk

Long EURUSD PC. I took this trade without waiting for much testing because the trend is up, with this bullish pattern at a swing high.

Closed out these trades for +27pips. Not too excited about the moment and potential bearish daily setups. Look back tomorrow.

Short EURUSD and NZDUSD BEEB setups.

Closed these out too early for +8pips. Learning more and more to follow your own trade plan and to let profits run.

Long AUDJPY PC based on rejection activity on lower levels of this bullish pattern.

Some may call this an inverted hammer, I classify all these as piercing. Pardon our differences.

Long gbpusd pc & bueb

Long gbpjpy pc.

tp reached.

tp reached.

tp reached.

Learning patience. I am loving candlesticks.


Take profit level below


Modified take profit level.

Great analsyis using candlestick pattern, most obstacle to executiuon order is requote, today I see on eurusd figure out bullish trending strong movement, look on daily timeframe on this week also still having tendencies to uptrend.

A rather busy moment in life, trying to balance. I did not take profit on my last two trades and so they were stopped out.

Thanks very much for these links titantron91!

Short EURJPY on BEEB and DCC