Capturing 100PIPs / Week in EURUSD Counter

Hi, whats your secret?

Don’t be discouraged by my post, excellent work if it is legit, and I hope it works for you.

But why are you showing a MT4 backtest report as proof for your trades and a selfmade spreadsheet to proof your winnings? Have you actually traded with your EA?

You also don’t have a S/L, do you just wait?
Your second trade took 8 days and was carried over the weekend without a stop and it captured only 21 pips.
Did you started making this EA in january, or is there another reason why you are only showing january?

Hi Bedavb, Thanks for the question. It is a proprietary system developed by me.

The secret is either keep going at it until you succeed or get disillusioned and call it sour grapes and give up

I am going to explain the EURUSD using the “Maze Runner” analogy. The EURUSD is the maze and as long as I have money to bet, I can run the maze. Now there is junction and I can decide whether to turn left or right (this is the trading strategy). So I bet money and if I loose it it is the dead end of the maze. Every time I loose I have mapped a portion of the maze. This way I have been running the maze since 8 years. Because I have mapped the maze (listed all the strategies I have used and failed) I can’t go back to the same place. I have to keep discovering new path ways in the maze. Right now this path seems to be fruitful and every time I bet money, market rewards me. So I am running. If the market punish me then I have to find new pathways in the maze and when I am unable to find anymore pathways I will be stuck in the maze. I will move no further

Amazing, isn’t it?

Hi Toekan, thanks for the questions and you are right in some counts and wrong in some other

Here is where you are wrong:

  1. Presuming this is a MT4 backtest report
  2. Presuming I am using EA

Here is where you are right

  1. Pointing there is no S/L
  2. Why I am showing only JAN2016?

You are skeptical about the screen shot I have shown. I cannot show the price and the time of trade as they are trade secrets. The account I have opened was long time ago and there was only MT4 platform at that time. Now my broker has MT5 platform. But I need to do some paper work to get it transferred. Since I am using manual trading why bother switching platforms?

I read somewhere that 95% of the traders fail. I don’t know whether it is true or not. Assuming it is true, let’s dwell why it is so? Could it be due to:

  1. 95% of the Traders are stupid
  2. The market is the biggest con game. It is like a slot machine of casino designed to give out only 10% of the money you drop in. Since the average human brain remembers the euphoria that comes from the 10% the winnings and forget the 90% of the failings, the average human keep throwing money at it until go broke
  3. There is no way to predict the market. It is a random walk. Anything you win is due to its randomness

I am here to find out for myself and I especially like the con part of the game

This present strategy (from a long line of strategies) evolved during mid DEC-2015. So this strategy is 1.5 months old. It has another 11 months to go before I acknowledge I have something good in my hand

nice return…now just increase size of your trading and start counting money!!!

I was just going to say, If you have a period of trades you want to look at and save it. The HTML link comes out just like that.

Aahh, the detailed trading journal. I hardly use that one, so my bad. :slight_smile: So you are a prop-trader. I best guessed your entry and acces point based on your report. It looks like that we trae similair. :slight_smile: Just curious why you exited on Jan 15.

  1. No, A lot of them are learning and a big group of the ones that learned fails. But it is actually not important. It is just like
  2. Nope, just some brokers are.
  3. Nope, if it was random we would see a scattered pattern, but there are patterns and these are repeated. But people like to call it a zero sum random game as it sooths their mind with excuses not to get into forex and trade. Somehow they are interested but due to ‘ethical reasons’ they don’t enter. :smiley:

Good work with your trade plan. Good that you develop your own system. I have no high regards for traders that use commercial eas and or signalling services.

Excellent work, carry on. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are interested in joining my professional team of traders. PM me.

Hi MasterGame, Thanks for your input. As you see, I have started with approx. USD200 and I must keep reserve in the tune of 10% of the controlling asset in my account. What it means is if I bet 0.01 contract, which is USD1000 controlling asset, I must keep USD100 in my account. Even though forex brokers gives 100 times leverage (some broker give even 200 times leverage), I prefer a leverage of 10 only. So from 0.01 contract (USD1000) to 0.1 Contract (USD10,000) it would take atleast by end of July. This is a forecast of course!

Hi IjayLayKinz, thanks for dropping by

Hi ToeKan, when you mention that some brokers are “con” , that they cheat their clients. I am wondering how it is possible? Care to elaborate?

Hi Haoss, thanks for the invite. But my system is not time tested. If I survive the EURUSD until JULY-2016 (by then I forecast my trading capital will be USD1000) we will revisit this subject

What none of you have asked is “where is the FEB-2016 trading result?”. I suppose you are all too polite.