Chamane's trading Journal

First case, AUDUSD having a Hidden Divergence pattern on the Weekly chart. When an entry signal came on the Daily chart, I decided to trade in the Trading Zone (turquoise rectangle) on the 1 HR chart with a cost averaging approach. I lost 13 pips on the first trade but got them back on the second trade. I’m waiting for more entry signals, as long as MACD does not cross the 0 line on the Daily chart.

For the second case, I spotted a HD pattern on the Daily chart and entered a short trade on the 4HR. I closed the trade as price reached the risk in profit (+38 pips).

The third case was a HD pattern on the 4 HR chart. I entered on the 1HR chart and brought my stop loss at breakeven after price reached half the risk. I got stopped out with a +1 pip gain. I prefer gaining little than losing more.

I made four trades this week:

AUDUSD +14 pips:

NZDCHF +1 pip and NZDJPY +14 pips:

As I prefer to bring my stop loss to breakeven early, I got stopped out on NZDCHF, but not on NZDJPY.

NZDCAD +40 pips:

There were more opportunities on the 4 HR charts, I only took a few of therm.

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Good stuff! Congrats on your winnings! :clap::clap:


Three entries this week on the 4 HR charts during hidden divergence patterns developing on the Daily timeframes.

AUDUSD: + 32 pips.

EURUSD: +34 pips.

GBPAUD: still open.

CADCHF. +34 pips.

AUDCAD: + 24 pips.

GBPCHF: -34 pips. Not very trendy at the start.

Starting off the week with a small gain. I brought my stop loss to breakeven early as soon as I got half my risk in profit, but price reversed too much before continuing to the downside as I expected at first. I could have made a lot more, but settled for 10 points.

It’s nice to see you’re back at it @chamane! :blush: Good luuuuck! :smiley: