Change my leverage?

i have been reading in this forum and in . and i feel pretty confident enough , i was wondering if i should change my leverage on my account to 100:1 from 200:1 ,i have about 1500 in the account also .

well, I’ll tell you this, try and demo the service first. I tried a service when I started, I figured oh a guaranteed profit and I can trade my system to. That was pretty much much the same a throwing my money in a bottomless pit and now if anyone tells me to enter a trade, I never do. In the case of leverage I would even use 50:1.

profit is not so much guaranteed, they say that if they do not end the month with a minimum 200 pips worth of calls you get your money back. I have tried on service and that is they scammed me and their results are all lies. I have had good experience mentoring with the owner of Forex Clarity so I am trying the service this month.

I agree that trade calls are probably not good but if these people actually give good calls it could free up some time for me.

well I looked on and people had good comments on it … Its posed by nick and vanessa from forexclarity so I would think it actually works really well… and I would be mentouring with nick at the same time… how much did he charge u governator

When I done mentoring I got the room for free that was part of it I have no idea if it still is. I was charged $700 but I do not know if that is the current prices.