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what the hell even is this? is this trade live or is it just a gif or what is it?! im confused

yes, it is live trading… small account, but live.

when i am trading live, every once in a while i will right click on the chart and select “save as picture” and i number them p1.png, p2,png, p3.png, etc.

then i go over to EZGIF DOT COM / MAKER and i create an animated gif…

i am trading a non-accelerated hybrid martingale bot, because it is considered to be an impossible trading method.


Well that is certainly a direct route to the poor house. I would be fascinated to know how you intend to flow cash from a robot based on Martingale. And what is a “non-accelerated hybrid martingale”?

A non-accelerated hybrid Martingale trading system is a specific approach to trading financial instruments, such as stocks, forex, or cryptocurrencies. It combines elements of the Martingale betting strategy with other trading techniques to manage risk and potentially generate profits. Let’s break down the key components of this trading system:

  1. Martingale Strategy: The Martingale strategy is a betting or trading technique that involves doubling the size of your position after each losing trade. The idea is that when you eventually have a winning trade, the profits will cover the losses from previous trades, plus some additional profit. It relies on the assumption that markets will eventually reverse or correct in your favor.
  2. Hybrid Approach: In a non-accelerated hybrid Martingale system, the “hybrid” element suggests that it incorporates other strategies or risk management techniques alongside the Martingale strategy. This is done to mitigate the significant risks associated with the pure Martingale approach, which can lead to substantial losses if the market continues to move against the trader.
  3. Non-Accelerated: The term “non-accelerated” implies that the system doesn’t double the position size after each loss, as is typical in the traditional Martingale strategy. Instead, it may use a fixed or more conservative increase in position size to limit the potential for excessive losses.

Here are some characteristics and considerations of a non-accelerated hybrid Martingale trading system:

  • Risk Management: Risk management is a crucial aspect of this strategy. Traders using this approach often set predefined rules to determine when to stop increasing position sizes or when to exit losing trades to limit potential losses.
  • Position Sizing: The choice of position size and the rate at which it is increased after losing trades is a critical aspect of the strategy. A conservative approach is typically favored to avoid large drawdowns.
  • Asset Selection: Traders using this system need to carefully select the financial instruments they trade, as not all assets may be suitable for a Martingale-based approach.
  • Market Conditions: The success of a non-accelerated hybrid Martingale system can be highly dependent on market conditions. It may work well in range-bound or mean-reverting markets but may perform poorly in strongly trending markets.
  • Monitoring and Adaptation: Continuous monitoring of the strategy’s performance is essential. Traders need to be prepared to adapt their approach or stop trading if the strategy is not delivering the desired results.

great… i just kicked it up a notch.

all trades are closed.

Hi, thanks for the detailed narrative in your response. I have been fascinated in the past with such ideas, especially having read Van Tharp’s trading psychology books. Did you do any automated back testing of any specific parameters to determine, for example, a coefficient of hybrid multiples as a % of the doubling technique, the impact of stake variation, trading frequency or other variables? Kudos for posting.

no.i do not backtest… thank you for asking.

btw, that long winded response that i gave you was written by chatgpt.

i was kinda being a showoff by saying that my bot is a “non-accelerated hybrid martingale”… but technically, that is what it is…

chatgpt’s definition of it was way off base, btw.

my bot is what i call a gridding bot.

do you know how many trading books i have read?

answer: none

serious question… how many of these numpties have several trading books on their desk, but they cant trade their way out of a wet paper bag?

answer: many

Martingale can work, but it just does ot follow any risk management plan, which means that, even if it does not work in one case, your whole account will be finished, if this was not the case, martingale actually has a very high winning ratio. I suggest you check risk management plans. this could be a good start:

i wish you would have told me that twenty years ago, because all along the concensus has been that martinhgale trading is not possible to do for any length of time.

thank a lot buddy.

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It definitely is possible and it does give you a very big winning ratio but as i told you before, it is only good as long as it did not fail even one position, the first position can blow ur whole account, that’s why this strategy is never recommended. Also check this video, this is another big problem with martingale, it makes you to open a lot of trades, and that is bad, check this:


Those neat headers in bold are a give away. Kudos to you for using AI to gain knowledge too :wink: