Chart Art Trading Journal 2023

I’m actually about to do something similar. I went out looking for a calendar for this month and next month, but there are only 2024 calendars.

I’ll just have to get some paper and make a calendar myself. I’d like to have a goal and write it on each day. So that way, when I cross off each day, I have to look at that one rule and read it outloud.

Each day, for one month, just one goal/rule to focus on.

For you, your goal could be to place a SL on EVERY trade for 4 weeks. No other goals–just that one.

@ponponwei What do you think?

From 2020 onwards, whenever gold has surpassed the $2,000 mark, it has invariably climbed to $2,050 before falling back to around $1,900. Based on this pattern, I anticipate that gold will hit $2,050 by the end of 2023.

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Yup, sounds very doable!!!

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Dang and look at where it’s at now. :heart_eyes:

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@ponponwei How’s the year winding down for your 2023 journal?

Gonna start a new one for 2024?

Haven’t really traded. I opened a trade just the other day and promptly lost. At least I had a stop loss in place, I guess…

Yeah will start a new one for 2024! How about you?

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Because you’ve been busy? Or did you feel discouraged?

Nah, I’ll just continue with the same one. It’s really long, but I’m ok with that. haha

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Both! The long string of losses just made me not want to even look at my account you know?

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Yup. I hear ya!

Well, no rest for the weary. Get back to work!! You got this! I look forward to your journal.

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