Charting software assistance, please

Hi all,

I’m working my way through the school at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it. Every day, even if it is just an hour is spent learning, taking quizzes, revisiting sections etc. However, at the moment, I am on moving averages and required to have a look at charts though I do not know which charting software is best to use. I’ve heard mt4 software mentioned elsewhere but this seems to only be available for Windows. My questions to you wonderful lot on this forum is:

  • What charting software is available for free?
  • What is best available for the Mac platform?
  • From your experience, what are the easiest to use and come to terms with grasping?


  • LT21

Many brokers offer MT4 for Mac, e.g. [B]MetaTrader 4 for Mac | MT4 Mac | ThinkForex | UK[/B]

This may also interest you: [B]301 Moved Permanently

FxTrade (as offered by Oanda and others); but the easiest one to use isn’t necessarily the best one to start on (even though it feels that way).

I agree with Lexys MT4 is a staple amongst traders. I Use fxtrade through Oanda, but the charting software kinda sucks. So I supplement it with: Forex Charts
The charts are browser based and offered by Tradeview. Its free and the quotes are rarely more than 1-2 pibs off from my broker feed

Thank you both! Any further suggestions welcomed but I’ve downloaded mt4 for Mac and having a play round now and going through the lessons. :slight_smile:

Great that you’re working thru the school, best way to get started.
Open a demo account with a broker, pick one whos FCA regulated as you may stick with them when you finally go live.
Most brokers offer broadly similar charts and the most popular indicators, so don’t over concern yourself there.
Good luck

Thank you Eddie. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. I’m trying to get my head around moving averages at the moment. :slight_smile:

FXCM has a pretty decent charting package available via the WEB called Trading Station Web, I believe.
Most are typically the same- in terms of tools and indicators available.

Best thing you can do- open a demo account and mess around for a few weeks getting used to the functionality.
Continue educating yourself on how to trade.
Fund a live account w/ $50 you can throw away, and trade the smallest lot size available.
Trade trade trade and trade more, as often as possible for as long as possible.

Some people reach a point of consistency in a year, others 2-3 years, and some never grasp it.

Which broker would you suggest or anyone else that will allow me to open up a demo account?

I hope to be in the “one year” category.



Thanks. It’s late, long day, I misread. Sorry. :slight_smile: