Cheat sheets to print

Great work; thank you!


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Ah cheers, very simple and well put together. Very useful :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much and I believe you. I am a new but I have already gathered that this information requires you to be able to apply it. Your comment made much sense to me as I was struggling to apply these technical analytic skills looking at the market.

thanks a lot! will try to use them

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Hahahaha… i did exactly that, bro! Hahahaha… I guess maybe this was another path. A path not meant for us. I came across someone who had success in using candle patterns but that is not my cup of tea. Not my style. To each his own, I guess. :smiley:

True. My mentor scolded me one day: “Stop memorizing those BS names of candles! Tell me what the bulls did and what the bears did instead!”

Legend!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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those names though can help you predict where price is going to head though, at least for me lol just being able to identify specific candlestick patterns and formations at major levels can be very beneficial


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Thanks alot

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Well done) Interesting thread :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! These are a huge help. :grinning::+1:

Wow, i really needed this. Thanks!

Thank you sir

Thanks this will help a lot

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and this information is quite useful.

Just printed these and hung up round my desk thanks

I am new to visit and comment here. I would like to find out when is the right time to start practicing with Demo Trade. I’ve been reading some lessons with BabyPips since May 2019 but I need guidance whether it is advisable to read all the topics first and then start Demo Trade or practice with Demo Trade after a few lessons.

Thank you very much will help a lot

Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face: