Check how i made 32 times my deposit in 4 days

i would like to share with you my story, how i made 32 times my deposit at forex market in 4 days.

my story

So you can see, thats possible to make good money with forex market.

That’s impressive, the best I have ever achieved is 10-11 times my initial balance =)


Thank you :wink: … after that i was really happy several days :slight_smile:

Means you are not happy anymore!? lol

I’m pretty sure a lot of old-timers will advice against your overleveraged trading style, but damn i’d kill for your enthusiasm in forex. I’m still a newbie, and the learning process is dry as hell o_o. Congratulations though and Good Luck with your trading.

thank you … i love forex, because i know, it can make me wealthy once :wink:

no :smiley: … now im much more happier, because this story was from my begining, when i trade forex only 2 months. Now i dont trade max 1 lot like in this story, but up to 12 lots :wink:

Looks like it’s a lil underleveraged, no? lol. Wait for Mr. Market going wild. :18:

Well done but sorry to sound so negative but this is equivalent to having a few good days at the roulette table … inevitably you’ll fall flat on your face as there doesn’t seem to be a proper strategy, risk to reward money management. Hope the luck continues for you…

ok … you are right …now i have another trading system, but i done it, it was really good experience :wink:

Can I ask your strategy Scalper?

Sorry, my strategy i will not tell to anybody … only in case some good investor :smiley: … but i can share my money management :wink: Thanks to i started with low capital, because im IT University student, i had to made agressive strategy, that mean i risked very much … TP:SL 2:1 … that mean in case good trade i doubled and in case of bad trade i had half.

Now i use another modification … on good trade i get 20% and on bad i loose 7.25% … that mean that in case i would have 20 bad trades and 10 good trades, im at the same deposit … but my strategy works much more better… at average im able to make 20 bad trades and 18 good trades … that mean im making lot of gains :wink:

My plan is to make from 10 000$ -> 1000 000 $ USD in three years, like Mr William done at commodities (in one year), now my strategy seems to be very stable, from last week i made 100% gain :wink:

  • im making around 4 - 15 trades a month … im waiting to best signals at pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF

No sharing of strategy? Another dead scalping thread!


Dear EmptyEternity, do you really think, that somebody will share with you working trading strategy for free?? :smiley: sorry, but this is business, not charity . .working strategy cost tens, houndreds thousand dollars, or even millions … Do you give to somebody one hundred thousand dollars for free?? :wink:

I commission indicators for the general public, thats what these forums are for, SHARING, and helping. But I guess having an ego boost is surely enough of a reason to post on a forum as any…

yes, i decided share my results at this forum to motivate new traders, that is possible to make good money at Forex, once they will teach and will do it at 100%, but i didnt make decision to share my trading system.

I think that sharing my money management is really enought.

Hello, i decided to make some thread about one of my trading scalping system next week :wink:

Once i repeat my story, if you dont want to move to first page :smiley:

my story

Come on PTscalper like if you share your strategy or system we gonna finish the one trillion daily forex market…I dont know what are you trying to do. The only think is obvious right now you are trying to tease us or trying to sell your strategy…I hope you can prove me I’m wrong

Hi Forexnewx … no, i dont try to sell my trading strategy … now i dont use such big risk strategy, i wanted only show, that is possible to think about forex in another way, not only 2% money management.

Next week i will show you one of my strategy, called pyramide scheme. I only want to show, another way of thinking.

Have a good trades, good luck.