Checking brokers

I do not know if anyone is willing to answer this question.
I am brand new to this forum and will understand if it is unethical to discuss broker reliability on line.
I am a newbie who has been trading a demo account for about 2 months.
My question pertains to a broker named Gain Capital ( and
Can anyone tell me if this broker is reliable?
I appreciate that there are avenues to help check this companies track record, but it is always nice to hear first hand from other traders.
One thing that concerns me is that I do not read very much about Gain Capital on this forum.

Thanks for listening and I would greatly appreciate any response and or suggestions in regard to reliable brokers.


Hi there and welcome on board!

I am new to the FX world too but a trader in another world! I have been playing with Demo Accounts of multiple providers, including FOREX.COM. I don’t like this beast ( I have noticed that they will prematurely take out your stop loss orders (even in Demo Account- yikes!!!.) It happended to me quite few times so far. Also, I noticed that their spreads on some of the majors are higher by a pip or two in certain times. I also noticed that their datafeed (ticker tape) is not always accurate. For instance, I am an oil trader and their ticker will show oil at $60.25 while my oil trading platform (which has a direct feed from Nymex) will have an accurate reading of $60.08!!!

Other providers that I am Demo testing are DBFX (Deutsche Bank’s FX platform) and SaxoBank of Denmark. I like the DBFX platform so far although it is just a plain vanilla platform with not much add-on services as ticker tape, etc.

Hope this helps.

I appreciate your comments and I must admit I have noticed some of the things you highlighted.Thanks again I will keep checking other platforms.

There are many posts/threads regarding different brokers, including, in the Rate my Broker section towards the bottom of the forum. You will find a wealth of information there.

Thanks MUGEN,
I will check that out