China's Interest Rate Announcement?

When is China going to announce whether or not they are going to hike rates?

I mean to say - at what meeting - and when is this meeting - as I do not see it anywhere on any of the calendars?

Everyone is talking about ‘if’ and ‘when’ China is going to hike their interest rates but I do not seem to be able to find when and where confirmation of this is going to come from China.



I don’t know, that’s a really good question. The site I use to checkout the economic calender doesn’t give CNY data… but I’m sure someone here must know… :smiley:

BTW, how are your trades going Dale?

Hello - and nice of you to ask.

Since I stopped ‘gambling’ and started taking note of the expensive lessons that I have learned in the past few weeks - very well actually.

I’m still down quite a bit but I have been consistently making small profits for the past two weeks (made about $1 200.00 since last Friday) so I am clawing my way back to where I was - and eventually beyond.

I have started writing down my own do’s and dont’s i.e. things that don’t work for me - and I am sticking to them no matter what - and this seems to work.

Thanks to the likes of Bloomberg etc. I am also trying to pick up what makes the market tick. For example - I did not know that because China was doing so well that this would affect the price of Gold for instance! I’m not sure what category this type of knowledge falls into but I can tell you that I have spent more time trying to understand what things make other things move and this I think is the major reason why I am now making consistent profits as opposed to gambling. The charts are important but mean nothing when it comes to things like China’s economy for example.

That, by the way, is why I want to know where we can get more information on China’s movements as opposed to only finding out after they have hit the airwaves and then these are only rumours.



here is the link for future dates of interest rate hikes

Central Bank Interest Rate Outlook

Thanks for the info BUT I do not see anything for China on that page.

Does this mean that there is no meeting scheduled this year or what?

If this is the case then why is everyone so jittery about China?

There must be more info on this subject - I just cannot find it.



I have never paid much attention, but I would think that China, being China, won’t make public announcements like the US and others do.
I could be wrong as I have been oce or twice before :smiley:

Thanks for the reply.

There must, however, be someone that knows what China’s deal in life is.

It is important to know I think.

If you were watching what happened on Thursday you’ll know why.

For those of you who don’t know what happened on Thursday - at some point (while I was sleeping) China obviously made an announcement or released some statistics that stated that their economy was booming. The rest of the world figured that China would have to do something to cool it down and I watched stocks and commodities drop throughout the day - the logic being that if China were to cool their economy down by raising interest rates and China being the major consumer of things like Gold and Copper for example the demand for these metals would go down and go down they did in leaps and bounds on Thursday. Not only did this affect Gold, Silver, and Copper on Thursday but it pulled share prices of the big mining companies down as well which in turn affected the Dow etc. etc. etc.

I have gotta tell ya - I love this stuff!!!

Anyway - anyone have more ideas on China?

I am going to spend some time searching again. If I find something - I’ll post it. Hell - I might even call Bloomberg and ask them!



I found this on Forexfactory:

Paulson wants action from China @ Forex Factory

I am assuming we’re safe until then???



Thanks for that information.

I am just looking around and watching because, based on what happened this last week on just a ‘hint’ that China ‘may’ raise interest rates, there is major profit potential in Gold, Silver, Copper, the South African Rand, the Dow, and CFD’s like BHP, Anglo, Rio, etc. etc. I think you could catch it both ways on all of these instruments if and when it happens e.g. Gold will drop quickly on that announcement but will definately climb back in the medium to long term.

Just and edit:

hobbit: thanks for that info - there sure is a hell of a lot more info on those links than on the calendar that I use at Forexfactory. What the impact of all of those additional items is going to be I would not have clue (that’s why I use Forexfactory - they TELL you what the impact COULD be and WHY - pretty neat) but there is at least some information on China there. Put it this way - when I turn Bloomberg on in the morning and they are talking about China at least I won’t feel like an idiot not knowing why they are talking about China this early in the morning for crying out loud!!!