Choosing a broker (Day trading and scalping)

Hi All,

I am a complete beginner and still in the process of absorbing the ocean of knowledge in this field.

I have demo accounts in Etoro and Avatrade. The spreads in Etoro is very high and therefore not beneficial for scalping and day trading. On the other hand, Ava Trade has tight spreads and the platform seems user friendly. But the trust score is lower and there are many negative reviews about it.

Another option that i came across is IG that has low spreads and has good overall ratings.

Which of these 2 should i choose? IG or Avatrade? Also if there is any other option worth looking at.

Appreciate your help guys.


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I am a beginner as well and I’ve been demoing with Avatraders. I live traded once and out of luck got 400us so I called to see if I could withdraw from my account. All I have to say is the customer service is horrible they took a long time to respond to any of my emails, they say it takes a week to get a withdrawal and I blew my account before I could even get to that point :sweat_smile:but they generally seem to take their marry time on responding to their customers

Even when I went to open an account with them it took me WEEKS and when I called them their workers always talked to me like they couldn’t be bothered