Choosing a broker

Does it matter where your broker is from as long as they’re regulated? Im from Canada am I going to get better service from a Canadian Broker cause were both from Canada.

i doubt it. well, deposits and withdrawals would be much faster, but other than that i seriously doubt it. i had a canadian one and got fed up with them, so went to the swiss guys and have been happy ever since.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. With so many choices that’s all I did for most of the day. Canadian ones I checked out want a lot more info than some of the others

well, i wouldn’t sign up with one from sri lanka or cyprus just because they ask for less info when opening an account!!! actually the one i opened (Dukas) asked for a lot of info and took at least a week to open, but that’s something i am ok with considering how good they are with other stuff. and yeah, wiring money from here to there takes a few days… it ain’t no ATM.

I thought I was the only one here who use this broker. I am glad you are enjoying your trade. I am currently looking for a similar broker as some say it is good to use two brokers.