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Sure, regulation is a big deal, but it’s not everything. A broker can be regulated and still offer poor service, right? Also, not every unregulated broker is a bad apple. Some have been doing solid work for years without regulation.
And about being regulated in places like Vanuatu or the Caribbean, it’s not fair to just write them off. Some might be sketchy, but not all of them. It’s better to judge case by case rather than simply by location.
So, in my book, being a good broker isn’t just about regulation. It’s about the full package service, reputation, experience and more.
Don’t you ever get tired of being so one sided and repeating the same thing over and over? How much are they paying you to be this consistent? Well, you’re not really putting in much creativity, you’re just copying and pasting the same thing and making just revisions.

Suggest you @ThaddeusFinch check out this article if you’re from US; it’s like a complete package with everything you need to know for choosing the right broker:

you’re absolutely right, of course

regulation by a proper regulator is in itself also evidential of all these other important things

exactly - the point some people don’t quite appreciate (or don’t want to) is that proper regulation means that their customer service is inspected and checked out regularly and reliably, that their websites are inspected for misleading statements, etc. etc. - it actually covers everything important, not just the “security of funds” aspects, which - again - is why what really matters is WHERE and BY WHOM a broker is regulated

apologies yet again for the repetition, but honestly sometimes all you can do is keep saying the same thing again, in the hope that it will eventualy do some good, even if some people aren’t interested - even if only one or two people get the message, that still avoids some future problems :wink:

Respectable regulation is the first that I pay attention to. And the second one is the number of years in the forex market. Those are the essential aspects that define the overall reliability.
Sometimes even the brokers that have a long history are even more credible than the ones that obtained a reputable license. So you have to review all the cases individually.

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It is a smart move, they might provide valuable information about brokers .

You have mentioned 2two main factors for evaluating a broker . Longevity in a broker can be a sign of trustworthiness. Another good point, as Emi.s also points out, is that reading user reviews and experiences to get an idea of how satisfied traders are with their services is valuable.

Of course they do. They have everything you’d want to know about a broker on paper. The rest you’ll need to test and experience for yourself.

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Of course it is. If they don’t care about their clients, they’re going to care about their money?! Don’t think that way.

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