Civil Engineer in Australia who don't wanna be an engineer anymore

Hi Traders,
I graduated yesterday from The School Of Pipsology. I am going to start my trading journey now. As I have studied, there are a lot of things to do before and while trading. As you’re all experienced so if you wanna share some tips or experience.

Thanks for reading.


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Congratulations on your achievement. Welcome to trading. Emphasize emotional discipline and continuous education for success. Best wishes on your journey :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the group, and congratulations on your Pipsology completion. Now that’s a solid foundation for the trading journey you’re starting, there’s more to explore in this space; take your time and goodluck.

If you don’t mind, why don’t you want to be a Civil Engineer anymore?

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First of all, congrats for terminating the Pipsology school.

What should you do now:

  • Study what you’ve learned
  • Apply what you’ve learned
  • Focus on a single strategy and make sure you get pro at that strategy (using 1-3 pairs, I would recommend)
  • Don;t be greedy
  • Study, study and study (the charts and your strategy)
  • Remember that a big part of your success in trading is related to your ability to manage risk
  • Don’t be greedy (again)
  • Work on yourself as individual and not just as trader (eat good, exercise, get the right people around you, etc. Your mental/psychology is crucial when trading)(the most important tip)

You are trying to be a master at the most difficult job out there. Have this in mind and don’t let frustration take you down. There will be days you want to give up but it’s part of the game.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot, it will be really helpful and motivating. I am trying to focus and execute everything that I have studied.

Thanks, I am trying to focus on everything that I have studied. Hopefully I will be there according to plans. Engineering is not my cup of tea and I am least enjoying that.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: here is my answer Program your success good luck Regards Greg

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Congratulations on graduating! That’s a big step already. Just remember to stay patient and disciplined. Good luck on your trading journey!

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Welcome and congratulations on your progress!

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Thanks @ProfesorPips :innocent: :innocent:

Thanks @chimmyfx :innocent: I am trying to be consistent and discipline.

Thanks @baemax023 :grinning:

Hello, and congratulation friend. It is good if you prioritize risk management and back testing for now. What is your preferred strategy?

That’s great! Don’t forget to update us on your trading progress!

Hi Ethan, thanks.
I have learned this from school of pipsology,

  • 5 SMA applied to the close
  • 10 SMA applied to the close
  • Stochastic (14,3,3)
  • RSI (9)

Currently, I am using this to get a grip on the charts and market as advised in the school.

Yes, sure. I am trying to maintain the journal as advised and will share that perpetually.

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Hi @sunav102, glad to know you joined this forum. I look forward to your story in learning to navigate the world of forex.

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Hi @C00RR3NCYH4CKS, thanks. Now, I am figuring out my mechanical / strategies set up and I will share my forex journey further.

The greatest capital is a young age.
If you chase knowledge instead of dreams, it’s a great advantage.”

Cool! Looking forward to seeing your progress!