Climate change is a complete hoax

How is that linked to anything in this thread ?

Certainly NOT linked to the person whom you are defaming by association here

Patrick’s word: “You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you”.

Interviewer: You want to drink some?.We have some here.

Patrick: “I’d be happy to … I know it wouldn’t hurt me”.

When pushed Patrick states: “It’s not dangerous to humans”.

“So you are ready to drink a glass?”

Patrick declined by answering “I’m not an idiot”.

Between 29 July and 3 August 2019, Greenland’s ice had its greatest ever summer melt.
A report from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center:

…the melting on the ice sheet surface amounted to …about 90%" of its mass.

Melt runoff was estimated at 55 billion tons during the interval, or about 40 billion tons more than the 1981 to 2010 average for the same period

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I still see no credible challenge to Dr Moore’s documentary and whilst he was alive - Nobody came forward to debate him about his statements.

In fact that is typical of the Thermageddonists - They will NOT DEBATE - whether it be to talk to Dr Moore or any number of others, or in the cases of Al Gore et al - to defend their own “narratives”. !

All they’re interested in is hiding contra evidence and stifling debate through nefarious means !

Even on this thread we get no discussion as such - just impunements of credibility of the messengers - as though that in some way made the facts less factual !

And we get people shouting that “We shouldn’t even be discussing this !” - Well I’m sorry. To discuss climate change in NOT BLASPHEMY ! - Although you’d think it was by the attitudes of many !

As to the several references to some rivers flooding - We have a boat and use it on a local river. the water is between 2 and 3 feet deep and weed reaches to the surface in many parts. When I was a lad that same stretch of River was great for fishing and the water was a full rod length deep ( That was 13 feet) so the bottom is now 10 feet higher than it was - to cope with a historically average level of storm water, the top therefore has to rise also and it regularly floods the flat land at the sides of the River. These flat lands by the way are known as “FLOOD PLAINS” because they were formed in the days before dredging was practicable, by er - “Flood Water” ! :rofl:

Taking a look then at that BBC link in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire which @peterma has referenced a couple of times - That BBC report he posted is specific - and I quote ;

"…Empty coffins were seen floating inside the workshop of a flooded funeral parlour in the village.
Image caption Farmer Robert Robinson called for the River Don to be dredged

Tractors and boats have been used to get around the village, with many roads in the area under floodwater.

Military helicopters have been used to help boost flood defences in the area.
Image copyright RAF Odiham/MoD/Crown Copyright
Image caption The Environment Agency called in an RAF Chinook late on Sunday to move 40 tonnes of aggregate from a quarry to bolster drainage channels east of Bentley

Farmer Robert Robinson said: "My whole farm is just covered in water. We’ve animals that are suffering because of the water and we can’t get in and out without tractors.

"We desperately need the River Don to be dredged and cleaned out - it’s there to transport water and it’s not doing its job properly."
‘No room for more water’

Stephen Gilleard, another farmer from the village, said: "You learn to live with nature and, as a farmer, you deal with things but you can’t deal with this.

“There’s a lot of volume of water here to move, we’ve still not got no pumps in place starting to get rid of any of it, it’s a bad forecast for Thursday, more rain to come, and, unless we move some of this water, there’s no room for any more.”

Adrian Gill, a flood manager with the Environment Agency, said it did not currently dredge the River Don “because we don’t think that’s the right thing to do” but the situation could be reviewed in the future…"

This whole Thermgeddon scare is caused simply by people being too lazy to look for explanations and too prepared to be fooled by Groupthink and the propaganda of certain vested interest groups of AntiCapitalists !

There is certainly no reason to believe that history will look back on this time witgh anything but wonder that in teh 21st Century, people were just as gullible and superstitious as when we were burning people at the stake for being witches !

It’s beyond debate.

David Bellamy came on Irish TV in Jan 2009, he said that Climate Change was a hoax and that Ireland would experience even colder winters in the next 10 years.

I thought there was a truth in what he had to say mainly because the BBC dropped him and secondly because the following year we did indeed experience a harsh winter.

Many local entrepreneurs stocked bags of road salt in 2011 expecting to make a killing - those bags were eventually dumped.

For me the clincher was watching the Siberian entrepreneurs hunting for Wooly Mammoth Tusks in the melting Perma-Frost.

I see this week that Greenland’s main airport - Kangerlussuaq Airport is giving up civilian traffic - they are heading North - the permafrost melt is creating a few problems for the runway.

Anyways I’m not sure what a Thermageddonist is, but I do know what I am - a realist, I have found often that what is real deserves more than just debate, it needs action.

1 million people to die in UK by 2050 - of cold due to green taxes.

Or is it the next 50 years ? (That’s all right then ! :rofl:)

Is Carbon Dioxide Endangering the Planet?

Here’s an interesting debate between Craig Idso and Jeffrey Bennett at The Soho Forum in New York on the following resolution –

Resolution: There is little or no rigorous evidence that rising concentrations of carbon
dioxide are causing dangerous global warming and threatening life on the planet.

The debate runs an hour and a half. The audience votes twice, before and after the debate, and the results of both votes are announced at the end of the video.

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This landed in my email inbox on Thursday. It’s from Agora Financial in Baltimore.
I trust that Agora will forgive me for re-posting it before getting official permission to do so.

Dave Gonigam - Managing editor
The 5 Min. Forecast

Does anyone even care nowadays who’s named Time’s “Person of the Year”?

Used to be that designation mattered — back in the day when the magazine was owned by the influential media baron Henry Luce. But Time has fallen victim to the internet like the rest of the “legacy” media. After a succession of owners who couldn’t figure out what to do with the thing, today it’s an ego vehicle for Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce .com.

Anyway, Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swede who in the summer of last year began demonstrating every Friday outside the Swedish parliament, demanding “action” on “climate change.”

“In the 16 months since [her protests began],” says Time, “she has addressed heads of state at the U.N., met with the pope, sparred with the president of the United States and inspired 4 million people to join the global climate strike.”

Thunberg still isn’t a household name in the United States. In Europe, she’s a rock star.

Your editor follows European media more closely than most. “Climate strikes” are a weekly occurrence over there. Organizations like “Extinction Rebellion” regularly disrupt daily life in major cities to make their point — for instance, shutting down London’s subway system in October. (Wait, doesn’t the climate-change crowd support public transit?)

The most striking thing when you watch or listen to news coverage of these demonstrations is that the protesters are always and forever demanding that politicians and bureaucrats take “action” — while rarely specifying what those actions should be.

A typical Thunberg quote: “It feels like we are at a breaking point. Leaders know that more eyes on them, much more pressure is on them, that they have to do something, they have to come up with some sort of solution. I want a concrete plan, not just nice words.”


For a few years now, well before Thunberg burst on the scene, we’ve said the climate-change scare isn’t about carbon, or even about climate. It’s about control.

“Let me tell you what the most dangerous policy action in the world is,” wrote former investment banker and government whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts in 2014.

“It is to decide that a phenomenon such as climate change is our No. 1 problem, that we need urgent action on it before understanding who is going to control the policy discussion and implement the solutions. Build a consensus that man-made climate change is our No. 1 problem and I assure you that our mystery governance system will use it to achieve a global taxation system and more centralized control.”

“Climate change is a convenient horse for elites to ride in the implementation of a new world order,” wrote our Jim Rickards in his 2016 book The Road to Ruin.

“Debating the science of climate change is beside the point. There are heated views on both sides; some science is settled, some not. Global elites treat the debate as settled to mask a larger project. For elites, a global problem once defined conjures a global solution. Climate change is the perfect platform for implementing a hidden agenda of world money and world taxation.”

In the three years since that book was published — and as the rhetoric from the climate-change crowd has ratcheted up — Jim has become more emphatic on the topic.

“Climate change is a real phenomenon,” he wrote his readers this week. “I lived for 10 years on Long Island Sound. It has a rocky coast because it used to be a glacier, frozen solid from Orient Point to New York City. It melted. That’s climate change. The problem is that this happened 20,000 years ago and took thousands of years to play out.

“And that’s the point. Climate change is real, but it’s slow, complex and unpredictable,” Jim says.

“Here are some facts: CO2 levels are rising, but there’s no evidence that CO2 causes warming. The evidence points the other way, that warming causes CO2 to be released from permafrost and the oceans.

“Sea levels are rising, but the pace is about seven inches in 100 years. That minimal rise will not inundate the New York subways or drown island nations. The rise that is occurring will likely be reversed due to feedback loops long before any seven-inch increase.

“By the way, sea levels have risen 400 feet since the last ice age and people adapted just fine. Remember Al Gore’s polar bear extinction scare? He hopes you don’t because the evidence is that polar bear populations are thriving.

“Moreover, a mild global warming episode appears to have ended around 1998. Claims of ‘record’ temperatures since then are based on dubious measurements (including putting land-based thermometers in asphalt parking lots; satellite infrared measurements show no warming), and the results are within the margin of error.

“Climate does change,” Jim sums up, “but not because of carbon dioxide and not in ways that humans can control.

“Since that’s the case, what’s the elite hidden agenda using climate alarmism as a Trojan Horse to advance?

“Because climate does not respect political borders, any response to climate change must ignore borders also. In short, climate change is an excuse for global governance, global taxation and intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states by unelected global bureaucrats.

“Unfortunately, investors cannot simply ignore this con job, because the activists are coming after energy companies, transportation companies and the entire free-market system.

“Climate activists may be frauds,” Jim concludes, “but their agenda threatens your portfolio to the core. It’s time to push back, call them out and, above all, diversify.”

My comment –

Regarding Miss Thunberg from Sweden:

I don’t want the opinion of a sixteen-year-old on any topic whatsoever —
— with the possible exceptions of puberty, and Taylor Swift.

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Just watching your vid now @Clint and I’ll come back on that - but just heard the breaking news that the “conference on Climate Change” has broken up in disarray - NO AGREEMENTS HAVE BEEN REACHED !

It seems that even the worlds politicals are beginning to wake up and stand up and call BS! :wink:

Thanks for posting that debate @Clint - The first thing I did was to do a brief search on the SOHO Foundation, to see whet sort of “Agenda” they might have ? - The conclusion I came to was - a sincere interest in debate around various subjects. in a valid though some might say “Old Fashioned” way to attempt to get to the real truth behind many many subjects,

The debate itself followed the same tactics as we have come to recognise as the same in most respects with regard to a good many issues nowadys. One side relying onwhat we have come to recognise as postmoderist tactics with appeal to - “belief”, Opinions and manipulation of emotion, the other, on logical deduction, factual agument and presentation of real data.

It was undertaken in a polite, and amicable way and everyone was allowed to have their say without the tactics of de-platorming, ridicule and shouting down of contrary arguments in the way which has become so familiar to us in these arguments and indeed attempted so often on these threads.

Neither of the protagonists were particularly knowledgeable in certain respects, but they had enough knowledge to make the listenng worthwhile.

In particular the references to “Maggie Thatcher” in ker statement (1987) was allowed to pass without demurr whilst in fact Maggie was one of those in teh forefront of setting up iPCC (70s and early 80s) and she had her own Agenda ! In particular that this quoye was dated just after she had brutally destroyed Arthur Scargill and was intent on destroying Coal mining in the uk - she deliberately funded the “research” into proving the negative effects that burning coal had on the environment. Her one aim was to punish the miners and their famiilies, such that they could NEVER hold the country to ransom again. She in fact eventually saw what she had started and tried quite hard to stop it ! She was one of the first true “sceptics” but by then the whole movement had developed a life of it’s own and she failed.

Most of the arguments were familiar from 10 years plus ago, except that the positive effects of CO2 on the planet as a whole were not to the fore back then.

Much was made of the “Venus effect” and clearly the motion protagonist had not done his research properly and completely missed “Mars”. I think this discussion could benefit from the discussion elsewhere on this forum so I link;

"Venus is hot because of CO2 et al" ( A postmodernist view of “truth” )


"Sorry old boy - the TRUTH about “Venus” et al " (an “enlightened modernist” replys)


I may at some point disect the debate and categorise the statements in tabular form because it is so completely typical of the current postmodernist “View of life” except for teh civility instead of the typical violent argument -(which of course they cannot even appear credible without) but maybe not - there’s aLOT of work in doing so/

In the meanwhile I’ll link to Patrick Moore’s brilliant dissertation again - it is just so knowledgeable and beautifully researched and presented !


We will never know what the leaders of different countries agree on.

Like 99.9% of Americans, I have never heard of Greta Thunberg until I saw this from Will Franken, this is just part of his act, the full performance is great

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11 am and 46 degrees in central Florida, can someone please send us some global warming

This has got to be the most retarded thread on BP.
So much garbage and ill-informed nonsense. Talk about empty vessels making the most noise.


Hey Dennis,

I contacted Greta Thunberg in Sweden on your behalf and told her what’s happening in Florida.

Here is her reply to me:

Hello Clint,

Please explain the situation to your friend, Dennis.

You see, 46°F in central Florida is not normal. That is, 46°F in central Florida represents a change in the climate. In other words, it’s climate change. And climate change = global warming.

So, Dennis is getting global warming right now. See how logical this is?

Sadly, Dennis has brought this upon himself, by causing global warming. It’s all his fault.
His chickens are coming home to roost. What goes around comes around. It’s Karma.

So, please tell your friend, Dennis, to stop using electricity, stop using gasoline, stop using natural gas, stop using heating oil, stop using firewood — do they use heating oil and firewood in Florida?,
I don’t know. Anyway, if they do, stop it!

Dennis and all his neighbors in Florida are heating up the planet, and making Sweden melt.
So, please tell him to stop it!

I have no future on this planet, because of what Dennis and his neighbors in Florida are doing.

I am going to the U.N. in January to demand that they invade Florida, and tell Dennis and his neighbors to stop causing global warming.

I’m sixteen years old, and I know what I’m talking about, and everybody had better listen to me.

And that includes Dennis.

Very truly yours,

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That’s odd here’s what another swedish guy has to say about what is actually happenning in SWEDEN ! - You’d think Greta would know this stuff ?

I’m convinced that most intelligent people, including most Politicians are fully aware that the "CO2 = Global Warming" mantra is entirely false and Politically motivated by mercenary intentions.

But how exactly does this benefit the acedemics, and Politicians (Governments) who go along with this fantasy ?

PS There is actually NO field called “Climate Science” - ergo there are No valid “Climate Scientists” as so many try to convince you.

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Having so many people from abroad asking about the fire crisis downunder…

You’d think my offices are in downtown Shanghai… or Beijing…

Melbourne is 350 km from the fires and is still choking… the South East of the continent is covered in smoke and very dark and gloomy… has that nuclear winter look…


Canberra (Parliament Building) is faring even worse… I believe our politicians will be quite safe…
Shite doesn’t burn…


Aussie humor is still alive and well… although I’d say they mean it…


Wow, look at all the really tough, big men in here who seem to be really upset by the words of a little girl.