Climate change is a complete hoax

I admire your poetry skills. However I sense an undertone of protest against those who do not believe that these fires are a result of climate change. Not to mention a subtle dig at the Prime Minister of Australia.

Do you reside in Australia??? If not how much do you know about Australia??



The poem is a protest against many things - politicians who don’t get their hands dirty so to speak, a system that doesn’t pay volunteers that put their lives at risk - lifeboat crews, firies, mountain rescue and so on.

The earth’s climate knows nothing about human politics, if we call change a hoax then so be it.

I do not live in the Siearra Nevada but my next poem is from the younger brother to the elders of the Kogi :slight_smile:

The very nature of volunteer work is that it is voluntary and therefore a way of giving back to the community. Most volunteers do that work not expecting pay but as a way to find self fulfilment and meaning to their life. To pay them is to deny them that fulfilment and self satisfaction that they are doing good in the world.

I worked for 17 years in the police force and have worked side by side with both paid and volunteer emergency workers and I can understand their strong desire to help their fellow man.

Thank god for these brave souls.



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I have property in Gippsland that luckily was missed by this Bushfire season… Like most real Australians that don’t live within 5km of the local CBD… @Blackduck, I agree with your previous posts.

And while we are up and about treading the Light Fantastic with Poetry… see below

I Love a Sunburnt Country

The love of field and coppice,
Of green and shaded lanes.
Of ordered woods and gardens
Is running in your veins,
Strong love of grey-blue distance
Brown streams and soft dim skies
I know but cannot share it,
My love is otherwise.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!

A poem about the harshness of the Australian Countryside Published in 1908.

Her beauty and her terror and Droughts and flooding rains…ALL issues in the late 1800’s…

Before Coal fired Power Stations, Global Warming (Hang on, Planets cooling, quick change tack…) Climate Change, PM Scott Morrison or even Greta Thunderbird…

The only NEW science going on of late… is some trying to make money out of fresh air…

Bushfires are nothing NEW, just the left behind media sensationally fanning the flames…

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Exactly so …! :rofl:

I am very pleased to hear that you are safe. The fires were terrible. However you are right, they are nothing new. I grew up on a sheep and cattle property in Oberon NSW and we always had a bushfire plan. From cutting fire breaks to water tanks and knapsacks full of water sitting in the shearing shed ready to go. Unfortunately that was quite a few years ago long before this current crop of climate warriors were even born.

Great poem and great comment.



Nasa tweeted today that the smoke from the recent fires mentioned by others on this thread has reached South America.

High up in the mountains of Colombia the ancient tribe named the Kogi live - they have little contact with the outside world, we are their ‘younger brothers’ in their culture.

In 1992 they asked a TV crew into their village, they wanted to give a message to younger brother.

I wonder did the elders look at the strange coloured sunset and ponder…


Almost 30 years have passed
Since I called you to my home.
A lot has been achieved,
More yet to be done.

I see the changes
The burning oil
I live in the earth
My food is in the soil.

I use no power
No TV or car
I have no money
Yet I am richer by far.

Mother alerts me
To the change in her health
She understands young brother
Your pursuit of wealth.

She has no wings
Neither left nor right
She loves us all
Every day and every night.

Brother, I ask of you little
Perhaps just a thought
What it is like on this mountain
In the midst of a drought.

This is funny –

Apparently, little Greta is just a sock-puppet for her father’s climate agenda. Here’s a revelation from
The Gateway Pundit about an accidental peek behind the curtain, thanks to a Facebook glitch –

Excerpt –

The edit history for Greta’s page, Wired wrote, “shows that the content has actually been written by her father, Svante Thunberg, and Adarsh Prathap, a climate activist in India who serves as a delegate at the UN’s Climate Change organization.”

Greta quickly sought to shoot down the reports about her Facebook page.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Why I am I not shocked…?

The Greta Thunderbird… Supermarionation…pun was fully intended.

Warm years.

Today three different agencies report that the last 10 years have set some records.
Whether this is a hoax contrived by Nasa, the Met Office and others is yet to be proved, and likely time itself will answer – in due time.

The last ten years have been the hottest they say
Warmer by night and warmer by day.

It has warmed in the ocean and warmed in the air
In Siberia you will find bones so rare.

The permafrost in the North is beginning to thaw
Foundation of concrete no longer the law.

The ice in Antarctica has begun to melt
The effect in the North Sea will there be felt.

But fret not you older people because all is not lost
It will be those in another ten years who will feel it the most.

Should have known there would be a "Patriarchal White Male" - behind it :rofl:

Even if he threw in an Indian and an autistic girl child for the sake of “Diversity” :sunglasses:

Real or hoax what we all should be able to agree on is climate change has become nothing more than a Money grab, everyone one pushing it has a financial or political reason for doing so.

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You are spot on. It’s a way to move the world’s wealth from Western Capitalist societies to third world and under developed countries.

Western Societies pay into the World Climate Fund so that those funds can be given to poorer countries to supposedly address climate change. But instead the money just goes to line the pockets of the corrupt government and business officials.

China the world’s biggest polluter is still considered a developing country and therefore entitled to funding from the world climate fund. Go figure!!



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This is how they take down and de-platform, ANY voice of reason !

One at a time by whispering in corners by their nasty little vicious methods, deprive of a livelihood anyone with a reasonable point to make and then say ; “Everybody agrees…”

This video - is not the fault of the person who took the original video - it is malicious falsehood by National Geographic

as Taken up by … the “Useful idiots…>”

BUT the outcome is that this woman’s life is destroyed - and others WILL be fearful of speaking out !

"We are at the point now where FEELINGS override FACTS …!"

"We are storing up major problems for the future …"

(Take a look at the results of some other “PC Carp” )

(Hint - search - "People are scared of SJWs… " :wink: )

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URGENT! please send your Global Warming to Florida, we thin-blooded Floridians cannot survive such cold temperatures


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We are bombaeded with the “FACT” that 97% of scientists agree …

Including many many times on this thread.

Perhaps it would be well for those who have been “conviinced” by this “FACT” to actually see what “they” actually agreed on - Oh and how large the sample size was ?

Here are the REAL FACTS ;

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Watch out for the FALLING IGUANAS

Falling iguanas in Florida

I heard that chilled iguana meat is being sold as "Chicken of the Trees" :rofl:

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i dont think its a complete hoax as the climate does change.
But the idea that man is to blame for it to any significant degree is a hoax.

The great global warming swindle was a good documentary.

CO2 is a life giving gas, without it life could not exist, and CO2 is only a tiny part of the atmosphere. So its surprising they decided to blame CO2.

Its all about less money and freedom for us, and more control for them.


the real hoax or Con is the planned " Carbon Tax" if they do this Carbon will then become the new oil and those who control it will be worth billions and will produce the worlds first Trillionaire

Like I said before it is just a money grab

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The Earth - by Peterma.

Before the beginning of time there was no light
Then I caused the stars to be born and the heavens bright.

The earth was formed of the colours blue and green
Everything was complete and all was clean.

Now was the time for woman and man
Take care of what I have made as best as you can.

You built a pillar but I broke it down
You babbled a lot, I thought of a clown.

You have begun to build again with a tower of chatter
How it ends for you is of little matter.

Yet for Me there is much more at stake
My love is in everything that I make.

If you use and destroy, damage and waste
At the end of your time can I judge this to be chaste?