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hey Guys I’m Prince all the way from Zimbabwe… Aged 20 started FX 1 year ago… Haven’t very success. I joined a mentorship on Jan 1 2020, it been going well so far, im here to grind even more and get that education…

MY PLAN : To end a generational curse (poverty) and Help my Parents become the people they waned to be instead if what the economy wanted them to be *(hope it makes sense_)

To whoever reads this : Best of luck on your Journey Lets get this Money


Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: good luck in your forex journey :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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Best of luck Prince! I am new to this as well! People say it’s a long journey but we’ve got to hang in there because it will be worth it!

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Hi, welcome to babypips. what mentorship did you join? Are you focusing on a particular style of trading or are you still quite new to it all and trying to find what fits your personality?

hie, thanks for replying. Im with TEAMTAKEPROFITS ( check JAYTAKEPROFITS on youtube) We"re scalpers/ DAy traders… But i wanna learn Swing Trading as time goes

thats the truth brother
Best of luck on your journey. may the pips be with you :grinning:

Any reason why you want to learn swing trading? How is the scalping/day trading going?

Of course your words make sense. It’s great that you have such a honorable purpose. I would advise you to set yourself a few smaller goals that will lead you to your main goal. I think you’ll make a good trader, the important thing is not to forget why you do all this, and don’t risk large sums. Sometimes traders forget how easy it is to lose the money that you have invested so long.

Welcome to the community, apexTrader! Hope to hear more about your trading experiences. Good luck in achieving your goals.

Welcome to the community Prince. I hope you achieve your goals. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Read as much as you can especially on this platform(babypips) and practice. The market will teach you things no mentor will ever will.