Colombian Forex begginer introduction

Hi everyone, thank you for spending some of your time greeting a newcomer.

I normally don´t engage in forums but I thought to do it now to understand how the community behaves on this website and what to expect.

I´m a 24 years old Colombian who recently graduated from the university with a major in International Business, avid of learning new abilities and gain knowledge. I´m now diving into Forex knowing a fair bit about financial analysis and the foreign exchange market thanks to my degree.

My expectations starting this journey are to learn and practice, I understand the potential of being good in forex and trading in general for the long term, so I think the best time to begin this journey is now because I’m hoping on having a healthy financial life and diversifying sources of income and not depending on a day to day job have been some of the ideas I´ve gathered thanks to research and consulting older wiser people whom I trust.

Again, I just wanted to say Hi, and I´m open to hearing from you too if you have any tips or advice, some tools that i should research or maybe share your experience as well for me to have an understanding of what to expect, I´ll appreciate it a lot.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Welcome. Just note that FX trading is never an income source, per se, It’s speculative and there’s never any guarantee of making money, ever.

I see FX as being the call of a siren which has led to most newbies hitting the rocks and drowning, before they aquire the necessay boat skills to survive and thrive…

You’ll get to know about the tools necessary to spice up your trades from the pipsology school. Thoroughly understand what each step is and its respective role in trading.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Keep learning from the variety of courses here. Good luck.