Comments about the MarketMilk

The analyzer is not loading fast. So, it bored.

Are you using mobile? It says mobile devices aren’t supported yet.

Hi @alagbeolusola007,

Thanks for trying out MarketMilk™!

It looks like you are on a mobile device based on the screenshot you sent. Currently, MarketMilk™ is only accessible from any desktop or laptop web browser. You just have to make sure your screen size is at least 1024 pixels wide! :slight_smile:

marketmilk is greatttttttttttttt

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I find it useful, even though i though i would not use it.
The fact that i can check the overall strength of the trend in one place, without having to load a bunch of indicators on my MT$ is a big relief.


very good idea

Uhmmm? I access Marketmilk from my mobile device all the time.

Hello @Steven_H,

Thanks for the comment. When @Ananais replied in October of 2019, we hadn’t released the mobile version of MarketMilk. That release to mobile took place at the end of June, 2020.



Thanks you for clearing that up.

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I have only traded on my PC. I see people around me trade on their mobile apps also. Is the experience the same whether I trade on my PC or mobile?

Seems pretty useful to me. I get everything in one single place so it works well for me.