Complete Newbie 'study partner'

Hey guys, im 22yo from Australia and a complete noob. I am simply looking for someone to ‘study’ with.
I have been reading, researching, recently started schooling here at Babypips and I will be starting a demo account in the next month or so.
A study partner(s) (from any country) would help me to stay focused and keep my mind from straying too far from trading and give me something to think about whilst i am doing my mundane day job. Talking about all things Forex throughout the day will be helpful in maintaining motivation.
We can keep in contact via forums, email, yahoo, windows live, and/or (preferably through) FREE blackberry instant messaging.
Send me a pm if you are in a similar situation or just think it’s worth a try.
Hope to speak with some of you soon,

Hey Matt, welcome to Forex. Why wait to start a demo account? Being from Australia you have excellent company on this forum. Tymen1 is also from Australia and can hook you up with a GFT demo account that will not expire.

You have a whole forum of study partners. Just jump in and get started with them. My suggestion would be to start with “The Joy of Candlestick Trading” by Tymen1. No offense to any other strategies out there.

If your work involves any dangerous task, keep you mind on work. First rule of safety, “Safety First”. (I know it sounds silly, but i have seen quite a few people injured at work, as these are professionals that only for a moment ignored safety rules that they were taught for years in weekly safety meetings). Also your employer is paying you to work, just make sure if you do talk about forex at work all day, your performance at work does not slip!:D:p

About the Blackberry, if need be have the threads that you subscribe to be forwarded to your blackberry. That should at least get you started.