Complete novice

This is all new to me. I’ve just switched from working as a visual effects artist, to working freelance in motion graphics. Which has freed up some time. I fancied a new challenge (preferably one that might earn me some money), so here I am. I’ve read a couple of beginners books on forex trading and have been watching graphs seeing if I can identify signals and I’m now moving on to incorporating news, financial reports etc. trying to get it all working together. I’m used to dealing with high volumes of data for work, but I’m quickly learning how much trickier it is with increased pressure.

I’m going to have a run through the ‘School of Pipsology’ and will look forward to meeting some more members here and hopefully learning a little.

Greeting guz and welcome to the forums…glad to have ya aboard! It sounds like you’re already getting started on the right foot, so the only thing I would say is to remember that forex trading is a lot like art. It is a skill that will take time to learn, develop your own style and internalize the nuances of the markets. So, just like any skill development, focus on the process, and making little improvements day by day. Good luck buddy!

Respect to you, guz and welcome to the community. I guess you found yourself through the right place, the forum here can give you solid foundation on how to start learning forex because the business requires effective learning studying if you want to be successful. Well, apart from pipsology there is another forex school like babypips school, I think it will help you get more knowledge about forex I guess. Good luck pal!