Computer set up? Brokers?

Does anyone know anything about what type of hardware and operating system to use eg. Processor etc to get optimal performance out of these fx platforms. I used a MacBookpro a few years ago to run a demo account with mt4 through axitrader and I had to use parallels to run it all. It was a very slow nightmare.
I thought I wanted to try scalping but I read that it has the least success to risk? I’m not sure about brokers either. Some are offering to match 30% of my capital, what’s the catch??

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Although there is not always a catch, but you are right, usually there is one. Especially market makers like to offer those great bonuses as they know that 95% of the traders will lose their money to them so giving a bonus is actually no risk for them, but they can use it as a great marketing tool.

Besides that, the bonus is almost impossible to get as the trading volume to be completed is just unrealistic.

  1. For trading a normal laptop or desktop will be sufficient.
  2. The higher the bonus the more supicious I get. Also you have to comply to rules to get it paid out anyway.
  3. Some of the biggest brokers are Market Makers and traders still make profits there, so Market Makers aren’t scary but there are brokers that are not honest (perhaps even saying that they are not market maker but secretely are), those are the once you have to watch out for. Market makers are necessary on the market to keep liquidity. Just keep an eye on how their execution is and if that is fine there is no real reason to worry. I trade with two of them for years now without problem.