Confused ... need to be bottle-fed (?)

Have tried following the courses in [I]BabyPips[/I].
I know they are really good lessons, but I still get confused.

It’s completely new to me, so perhaps I need to be bottle-fed ?

Also, most of the videos on the internet do not have captions or subtitles —
— that is a major restriction for someone who is totally Deaf.

cheers, :confused:

Notice you haven’t taken any of the quizzes on the pipschool courses, suggest you give it a go.
On Youtube you can click subtitles on for their videos, ive not found one fx video yet were I couldn’t do this.
Good luck

Just taken a few.
Had to cram re-read some lessons and cram inwhat I was missing to answer a lot of the questions … not sure I have actually retained anything (it’s so new to me)

How can I use the Demo trading to try and see the things I have been learning ?

just enter your name email and other not-private information and you will be given a demo account with 50.000 with a login and a password

then download their free trading/charting software: Trading Station - Forex Trading Platform - FXCM UK
and start demoing as long as you like

edot: oh and by the way since you are at your very beginning: prepare for at least 2 years heavy learning before you see some profits comming in repeatendly

You can open a chart, add whatever you are currently studying (trend lines, fibs, sma, etc) then watch how they perform

BTW, some good scores on the quizzes, keep it up

I already have a demo (FXCM) Ttrading Station account and the software.

Problem is downloading a Pivot Point app, it asks me to log in to FXCM, but I don’t
appear to have an ID or Password (other than for the software) .


Ask Jason on the fxcm thread

Hi ProBowlUK,

You don’t have to be an FXCM client to use the custom indicators available in the FXCM Apps Store. (Though only FXCM clients can purchase automated strategy apps.) Simply register for a free FXCM Apps Store login.

Then you can download the Pivot Points app. However, if we’re thinking of the same one, then you will need an MT4 demo account.

Your MT4 login details will also work on our Trading Station platform which you already downloaded.

Welcome to the forum!

:15:Not only am I unclear about how much weight the weaker provides the stronger when I try to determine the strength of a move, I can’t even figure out how to leave pipnoculars a comment. Learning forex is easier than navigating the computer for me, though this site is very well set-up. It looks like this isn’t even the right place to have left my question. And what does “go advanced” even mean? Help!

I think you just need stuff that does confuse you or overload your mind.

You need something simple, easy to understand, and direct to the point. It should make sense, above all else.