Consistent profits with EA bot for several years

Hi guys,

So I just spent the last couple months developing various EAs, and ended up with one that works for most major currencies and back-tested it for 10 years giving below equity curve :

Test results are as per below:
Total Profit: 15,270
Total profit all trades: 80,279
Total Loss of all trades: 61,010
Commissions: 3998
Turnoverin millions: 83.65
Profit Factor: 1.32
Expected Payoff: 47.99

Gross points(pips) won: 16,055
Gross points(pips) lost: -12,202
Net Profit/Loss in point: 3,853

Max equity : 66,368
Min equity: 48,040

Positions total: 1673

This is by using a fixed lot,SL and TP levels over all 10 years. I have about 72% profitable trades for 28% losing trades.

I used Dukascopy’s VJFX for this so strategy tester includes commissions…I could have used 10K starting equity.

Let me know what you guys think.


Try live(or demo) trading it for the next 6 months. Much better than back testing.

Do you have an Account on MQL5 or myfxbook?