Cool! a trading contest... wth?

Was checking out and clicked on a contest that started today. Thought it would be neat to see how well some peeps can pull the pips. Problem is that it is totally unbelieveable. Even on demo.

Check out this guys stats: Contest - Melmel System | Myfxbook

430 wins 0 losses the first day (at the time I checked). Sure, it’s an automated system but still, really?

Someone here should be able to explain this. For one, why would you enter a contest if you had performance like this? Kinda fishy to me.

actually, I think I see what’s going on with that guy. He has a bunch of open orders in the negative that he hasn’t closed yet. Just closes the positions that profit. hmmm

He’s holding on to 16k in losses at the moment lol looks like the bot messed up

Also I’m in this contest, I didn’t trade it last night because I forgot but looks like I shouldn’t even bother with the insane EA’s they have pulling up botched figures and considering the contest and the company encourages EA’ers