Copy and Paste post moderation

Well thank heavens for Google. I was about to get this all wrong.

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Someone else noticed!

I’ve just reported about 9 of this member’s posts to the mods. They’re all stolen content from assorted trading websites and blogs just copied in here.

It’s a bit of a thankless task reporting them all, though, because when you do this, although some of the posts do get hidden and flagged, the same members just carry on doing the same thing again the next day!

The mods do reply with their standard message saying they’re aware of the issue, and thanking you for the report, but apparently they take no steps to prevent the same people from pasting this rubbish in all over the place, which would be rather more helpful!!!

I’ve also found other threads discussing this exact issue. Apparently the same thing’s been going on here for years, but nobody actually wants to do much about it???

All the other trading forums I know just remove the member and all the posts in a second, as soon as they see it, of course.

But I guess, as others have pointed out in the past, that that’s why these idiots all come here to do it?!

It’s a weird way to run a forum, isn’t it?

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Indeed it is.

I have a laugh occasionally and challenge these posters to come back with their personal experience doing this or that in trading, but they don’t usually answer. I think I’ll start that again, it gives me a chuckle and might help show them up to less regular users just what inane tripe they post.

You’re right (obviously) but you won’t get the forum to change its policies by stating the obvious.

However many members leave, and however much the traffic and posting here declines.

I don’t understand why, but that’s the truth.

I’ve been discussing this very issue with the administrator over the last few days, because I’ve been doing the same as you, with the same results.

He actually said “We don’t remove pasted-in posts as we want the member to have the opportunity to change them.”

So there’s no point in reporting them, regardless of what they actually say when you do! Hard to believe, I know. :tired_face:

Yes it is.

When I can, I intend to show these up as “Google posts”. At least nobody will be hoodwinked that they’re reading some original thought from a great guru.

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Good idea.

Thanks, Tommor.

I’m with you.

Possibly, if enough of us do that, we can persuade the moderators to remove the posts: at the moment, incredibly, they refuse to!

Good work mate. Some posters with an attitude are best ignored. But these lazy do-nothings might as well be bots, they’ve certainly nothing to add to the threads they post in. I wouldn’t mind if they credited the original source, it might actually be useful…
But then they’d have to know it was useful, and as non-traders, that ain’t likely.

I’m with you as well.

And possibly some others can be persuaded, if not to do the mods’ job for them, at least to highlight what’s going on so that nobody’s fooled by these junk paste-ins.

Thanks, chaps.

It’s such a shame, what’s gradually happened here.

Especially when it would’ve been so easy to avoid it, as I see so many members have previously mentioned,

BabyPips could and should be both a valueable forum and resource, and a profitable business.

I know there’s been a huge loss of members since I used to post here a few years ago, and I know why.

Anyone who looks knows why.

Unfortunately it comes across as confrontation, and criticism, to make these comments, but in truth members just get either very disappointed or even angry both generally at the lack of moderation and more specifically at the frankly weird policies that harm the site so much.

Old members increasingly go.

Promoters and no-value posters increasingly arrive because nobody else lets them in.

The problems therefore continue and deepen and reinforce themselves.

And as long as there’s an attitude typified by “We don’t remove pasted-in posts as we want the member to have the opportunity to change them”, the traffic will continue to fall and the value here will continue to decline.


That’s only one small problem but it really does typify the attitude that has produced all the other problems, too.

Such a pity. :angry:

Or you can all perhaps get what we call a “life” and stop acting like BP is some sort of religious following whereby you feel the need to police everything?

Do you all really have nothing better to do, I mean come on and get a grip.

Leave your house for once and see what sun light looks like, because there are far bigger problems in life than the repetitive (and quite frankly boring) issues here?

This is a system generated message, that gets created when we respond to a moderation flag. It lets the flagger know we’ve seen the reported past and are acting on it. The post gets hidden by system, and the member who posted it is given the opportunity to change the post. To say that nothing gets done when you don’t know our process is unfair. And as I’ve explained it to you directly by PM, and you’ve shared with other members, we want to give new users the opportunity to make right a mistake of copying-and-pasting, instead of being heavy-handed and deleting everything and banning members. You see this as stealing and us letting thieves get away with a crime, we don’t see it this way.

This is not accurate. If, after a set amount of time a hidden post is not edited, the system deletes the post. Actions, including copying and pasting, are recorded by the mod team, and this record stays with the member FOREVER. If the action is repeated, the copied-and-pasted post is deleted immediately. Depending on severity, sometimes we let is slide on the first offense couple offenses if they happen together. In all instances, the offending member is PMed about what they’re doing wrong. If the behavior repeats, the member is temporarily banned.

If you have questions about the policy, please ask the moderators for clarification, as it helps everybody to have a complete picture about the moderation process.

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Interesting example of a “logical syllogism”, here.


  1. They’ll do it for ever if nobody stops them
  2. The moderators refuse to stop them

They’ll do it for ever!

(However much traffic and however many members they lose, and however much public ridicule they attract on other sites!).