Corona keeps on spreading

According to the horrifying news concerning Corona in Asia and Europe (Italy) I am curious whats going on at the beginning of the Asian session…
It seems that Gold now is the chance to become rich very fast…:champagne:

Easy there tiger, great gains in gold but don’t start thinking you’ll get rich. Keep your emotions firmly in check.

News out of South Korea could see stock market fallout at the open tomorrow (hope so I’m short).

I believe Samsung said there closing factories in South Korea

I’m not particularly happy with this news to be honest

What “News” exactly ? - This thread is 6 MONTHS OLD !

By the way, i didnt become rich cause i knew nothing about gap-trading, thats what happend over that weekend February 23:

A mega up-gap spike. Unfortunately at this time i knew nothing about gap-trading and taking positions at the close prior to the weekend to profit from opening gaps. In the meantime i learned and had some nice “weekend-gap” profits. Thats really easy money.