Coronavirus Coverage in Africa

The nation that created this deadly virus. they are crazy things, just because of jealousy and greed?

Hope things get better. I live in the UK and we are pretty much on lockdown now. Whether people listen or not is a different story.

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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa is now 709 after 155 cases were reported overnight, the country’s health minister said on Wednesday.

Coronavirus in Africa Tracker: How many covid-19 cases & where?

Aye, the highest number is in SA - the Govt there warned that this was likely.

Number of reasons, one they mentioned was being the Southern hemisphere they are approaching colder weather - no conclusive evidence other than flu-like viruses usually don’t thrive in hotter/drier climates.

One other point - the townships have a huge difficulty in ‘social distancing’ for various reasons, the SA Govt imposed a lockdown but how do you police it?

Sky News Uk headline: Coronavirus: The South African township where people just won’t follow the lockdown rules

It’s not people’s fault rather it’s the world of the have and have nots.

How can the haves help? - one way is to raise awareness.

Africa Is Two to Three Weeks Away From Height of Virus Storm

Africa’s Biggest City on Lockdown to Curb Virus in Nigeria

Nigeria will restrict all movement of people and ordered businesses and offices closed in its two main cities, Lagos and Abuja, as well as Ogun state – the three areas in Africa’s most populous nation that have been hit hardest by the coronavirus.

Africa can still contain COVID-19 outbreak: WHO

Africa can still contain the outbreak of the COVID-19 respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus, a senior World Health Organization official said on Friday.

“I believe that African countries can achieve a lot more than maybe people outside expect,” Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s emergencies programme, told a virtual news briefing.

“We don’t believe the disease has passed the capacity to be contained,” he said. He was speaking after the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa said the pandemic will likely kill at least 300,000 Africans and risks pushing 29 million into extreme poverty.

Every economy is being affected by this virus. Focus should be on accurately determining the number of positive cases and helping people come out of this worse time.

The COVID-19 news in Africa is really so bad…
WASHINGTON, April 17 (MENA) - A new report from the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) says that the continent of around 1.3 billion people could see as many as 300,000 deaths from the coronavirus in the best-case scenario.

“President Isaias noted that the global threat posed by the pandemic (COVID-19) is analogous to a sudden war, without any parallel in our contemporary times, that has been declared without any warning or prediction by all standards,” Minister of Information posted on Twitter.

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It is awful

By the way, it is not so easy to find information about the situation with the virus in Africa, because I myself recently thought about it, but it may also matter. If anyone else finds anything interesting, please share the link. Thank you in advance.

Africa: COVID-19 cases pass 29,000, deaths cross 1,300

Nearly 8,400 patients have recovered so far, says Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The number of COVID-19 cases in Africa has risen to 29,053, according to an Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) update on Saturday.

The death toll stands at 1,331 and recoveries have reached 8,364, the update said.

North Africa remains the hardest-hit of the continent’s five regions, followed by West, Southern, East, and Central.

The highest number of fatalities have also been recorded in North, West, and Southern Africa, with the lowest figures in Central and East Africa.

South Africa has 4,200 COVID-19 cases, Egypt has 4,100, Morocco 3,800, and Algeria has 3,100.

Algeria has the highest death toll of 415, followed by Egypt with 294, Morocco with 158, and South Africa with 75.

In West Africa, Burkina Faso has the highest death toll of 41, followed by Nigeria with 32 and Niger with 24.

The country with the highest number of cases to population ratio is Djibouti while neighboring Ethiopia has the lowest.

Djibouti, which has less than a million people, has 999 cases and two deaths, while neighboring Ethiopia, a country of about 110 million, has 117 COVID-19 cases and three deaths so far.

The novel coronavirus has spread to 185 countries and regions since emerging in China last December, with the U.S. and Europe now the hardest-hit areas in the world.

More than 2.82 million cases have been reported worldwide, with the death toll near 198,000 and recoveries over 796,000, according to data compiled by the U.S.’ Johns Hopkins University.

Source: Africa: COVID-19 cases pass 29,000, deaths cross 1,300

Despite the increase in positives, Africa is easing isolation measures, as in Nigeria, which will be from May 4 and the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, has tested positive for the new coronavirus along with three members of his cabinet

I think it’s not worth comparing it with America or Europe at all, not that I want to humiliate them somehow, but there are slightly different rules - social and economic, so the measures there are slightly different…

We have been in Lockdown for 58 days in South Africa and has made a huge impact in out economy.

You can see in all the share price that dropped a lot and starting to make their way back.

Going to be a tough few years ahead for us.

Happy trading

update: 17-05-2020
confirmed cases 81,521
Recovered 31,706
Confirmed deaths: 2,708