Could you help me making a plan?

I’m new in Forex. Almost completely know nothing :smiley: actually I’ve made an account at a company though still not making deposit yet. If you’re me what’ll you do for 3 months right now? :slight_smile: and I live in Indonesia. In this country Forex books almost close to none. Buying imported one really expensive for me :slight_smile: And sorry for my bad English :wink:

Like you, I am also new with Forex. I bought three expensive books to start educating myself. I found them talking way over my head, so I put them down for a while.

Since you have found this site, you should start the Babypip school, if you haven’t already. I tell, I learn more from here than from the expensive books I bought. Just keep searching for forex sites and a lot of them will give you good advice.

However, as I said, babypips is a good start. If you have not yet done so, open a demo account so you have access to charts .

Read the posts here too, you can also learn something.

Good luck to both of us. Happy trading.

I have found to be a good resource, they have everything there so just make sure you stick to your plan and not get lost in all the junk on there.

I am fairly new as well. But from what i have been reading and how I am proceeding is demo trading until 3 months profitable, focusing on one currency pair, following a strict money management policy (grade 13) and holding positions based primarily on fundamental analysis from days to weeks. All the while gradually getting more in-depth with technical analysis as experience comes.

Could you explain what you mean by grade 13?

I just meant the money management section in the babypips school, which is referred to as 13th grade.

Money Management - 13th Grade: Money Management - Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading, Free Forex Education, Learn to Trade Forex, Forex Training -

I wrote an e-book for free for trading daily charts. Have received positive feedback from beginner traders.

Reading it might give you some ideas on where to make a simple start and keep disciplined.

No need to buy physical books yet. There are plenty of ebooks online that you can read.

The best place is to start right here at babypips school and then read in some of the other forums as well. is good. between these 2 forums you should get a very good education and not need to import any books.

could you give me the copy?

Thanks for the info. I’ve visited but haven’t explored it yet.

i agree there is so much to read online. although i would be careful about which forex e-books i purchased.

between here (the school and forums) and forexfactory (search " Forex Articles") there is enough more than enough to keep you going for awhile.

You can find his ebook here:

I enjoyed it for what it’s worth :stuck_out_tongue:

i just read the book as well and definitely learned some stuff and enjoyed it. it gives me a lot to think about for the next days.