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Very interesting documentary that uncovers the malevolent US Health System and how the UK’s NHS has been hijacked by the same US Medical Insurers that have corrupted the US system.

This happened right under the nose of British citizens… The same citizens that have sleep walked into the COVID Pandemic, Masks, Lock-downs, Vaccines even Boosters, the whole shebang


He is back to wearing a mask


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…as he gets his THIRD shot…


How long before a Forth shoot is required


The whole world is Biden’s stage… Even his WH Office Booster promotion… Staged…

The FDA Votes 16-2 to stop the Boosters and yet Joe Hiden says lets not follow the science this time and insists there should instead be Booster shots for all… UFB…

It’s always, always, always about the narrative… Fact or fiction no longer matters…

Straight from the horses mouth 78% of currently hospitalized Aussie Covid-19 patients are FULLY vaccinated and 17% are partially vaccinated.

Don’t worry though, Pfizermectin is currently in expedited stage 2/3 trials.

And not a single Journalist in the room picked up on it!!!


If I am doing the math correctly, that means that 5% of those currently hospitalized have either not been vaccinated or have natural immunity from having the disease previously?
Those poor people that have natural immunity that are being lumped together with the unvaccinated!


Let’s be honest, this has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics. If the tables where turned and Trump was still in office, the democrats would be labeling this as the Trump Vaccine, the media would be reporting on all claims of side effects, and it would be democrats refusing to get vaccinated

NY Governor To Fire 70 THOUSAND Healthcare Workers Over Vaccine Mandate!

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Yep, trace and control of as many citizens as they can get on to their grubby jab databases.

Same happening in Australia… Government continually warning of hospitals, schools and staff under strain due to this virus, all the while hundreds, possibly thousands leaving nursing, teaching and all other essential services mandated for these leaky vaccines…

Commonsense and ethics are now extinct!!

As I have said many times before this mass psychotic event including TDR has killed millions more than should have died during these dark times…

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This guy is funny and this video really fits what is happening with all these mandates

I consider myself to have natural immunity and no way will they be putting this witches brew in my arm

"The Sad Truth I've Learned About COVID Policy (Pt. 1) | Jordan Peterson | POLITICS | Rubin Report - YouTube

without my even browsing thru the other comments in this thread, i am going to say what my thoughts are on this topic…

i remember when i first became aware of covid and others were assuring me that this thing would blow over in maybe a few weeks, i almost immediately disagreed with them and i stated that this covid thing is going to be a thing until your children’s children are dead and gone.

this thing aint going away for a while.

also, during the first year or so, i attended a twelve step meeting a couple of times per week where maybe one or two people out of 50-75 in a small room would wear a mask, but nobody was getting sick… i asked a female at this club why she thought that nobody is getting sick at this twelve step group… her response: we are blessed.

ok. complete nonsense.

second issue: i eat at a chinese buffet probably a couple of times per week… on the front door there is a sign that clearly says that MASKS ARE REQUIRED… which is complete bs… let me explain… they actually give masks at the entrance of the restaurant to customers that dont have a mask… but once you enter the dining area, nobody is wearing a mask… hey, maybe you can show me how to eat chinese buffet while your mouth is covered with a diaper?

it is a formality. it is a political weapon.

i stopped into a dollar store yesterday to buy a candy bar… in the beginning of covid, you couldnt enter this dollar store if you were not wearing a mask… but now it is voluntary… there was a senior female customer at the register checkout line… i wasnt sure if she was in line, she was standing off a bit… i asked her if she was in line… she very nervous looked at me and while not looking directly at me, she told me that she is trying to social distance…

the odd part is that people think that making eye contact makes you catch an “airborne virus” …

it is nonsense.

Response from the UK. My wife and I went for our “Covid booster jabs” this afternoon. It was at a local activity centre. Hundreds of people there - and everyone wearing a mask - mandatory as stated on the doors. When we got home we turned on the TV to watch the world snooker champion of champions match. Nobody in the audience wearing any masks, nor commentators, nor players. UK venue with a few hundred spectators in a closed auditorium.

You are right. The world seems to have gone mad. Our booster was Pfizer whereas our first and second doses earlier this year were Astra Zeneca. The volunteer helper explained that “recent evidence shows the Pfizer is safer as a booster”. We took her word for it. For Brits - if you want to travel abroad, whether for business or pleasure, you will need a “Covid passport” which you can get two weeks after your booster - via an online application, or you can’t get one if you refuse to have any Covid vaccinations. It’s great to know we all live in a democratic world. :grimacing:

oh my, i didnt realize that a “volunteer helper” vouched that one particular vaccine is “safer”…

that changes everything…

so, the dollar store cashier that is volunteering at the vaccine site vouched that you will be ok?


i get it.

it is of no importance that before getting the vaccine that you have to sign away that you have no recourse against the pharmaceutical company if the vaccine is harmful…

that shouldnt matter, cuz some walmart cashier that is volunteering at the vaccine site says it is all good.

i get it now.

but do you know what would really make me feel comfortable about taking the jab?

what if we could get beavis and butthead to endorse one particular vaccine?

i would be down like a clown.

oh, even better, lets get an endorsement from the AC/DC rock band!

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I would much prefer the teachings from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Oh to be young again :rofl:

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"The Media is Hiding Important Details about the Omicron Variant - YouTube


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