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Here is a short, easily digested video on the history and use and suppression of Ivermectin. For those like me who have only passing knowledge of the drug it is very informative (lots of sources throughout for those who like to dig deeper) and well worth the 24 minutes. Much of the data has already been presented in the videos posted by @Trendswithbenefits.

EDIT: Australia bans Ivermectin for “Off-Label” use after prescriptions for the drug increased between three and four times in Australia in recent months.


@Mondeoman, Welcome to the thread. The overwhelming theme of those that are pro-vaccination at all costs so far in this forum is they all have compromised auto-immune systems.

And according to these self obsessed few, any one who prefers to choose their own medical interventions has an “I am alright Jack” mindset… Even your own eldest son?

Now we could point out that this fixation to be vaccinated is a selfish, my way or no way mindset that is extremely prevalent in these forums. If you are health compromised then you should do everything in your power to stay safe… That’s never been in dispute…

But your reality, should not become your siblings reality… I have completely backed my adult kids to chose what ever option that they are comfortable with…

The open up and live with Virus strategy is designed to ensure that Delta infects as many of the less vulnerable as possible, and eventually runs out of new recipients and a natural immunity begins to take hold…

They have been vaccinating since mid January and now suddenly it’s the vaccines that have plateaued the figures??

BTW… Link the sources you post here, so we can see the complete context. Otherwise your cut and pastes (especially from twitter!!) will be deemed unsubstantiated.

@cigarmanstan, Welcome onboard, the vaccines contributing to the mutations is gaining more and more traction as has been displayed in actual scientific data in the posts above…

As you can see, no one here has been able to disprove this eventuality with real data at this time…

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Another of the many Conspiracy Theories around COVID now confirmed to be correct.

“No, I don’t think they should be mandatory, I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory…” - President Biden

“It’s not the role of the Federal Government to mandate vaccines…” Jen Psaki - Whitehouse

“To clarify… There will be no nationwide mandate…” - Rochelle Walensky CDC Director

“You would never mandate the vaccines for any element of the general public…” - Dr. Anthony Fauci

In 2021… All have now been proven to have lied and deliberately misled the American People…

The difference between a Conspiracy and fact… Is currently running at about 6 months.


It’s like my trading…not a clue!

I like that, and here’s a clue - silver haired guy lights up his cigar, then as the smoke slowly wafts upward he smiles broadly “I love it when a plan comes together”.

The UK has double vaccinations over 80% (89% 1 Jab!) and yet the Delta variant rages out of control…

Currently over 1,000,000 new cases, 30,000 hospitalised with 3500 each month dying… Some of the simple believe that it’s just the young and unvaccinated, these numbers are just too high for that to be reality.

“It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled…” Mark Twain


I noticed that YouTube have blocked a video posted by @Student05 in this thread. So I have re-posted (from an uncensored source) exactly the same interview Below…

YouTube is now even Censoring content from a Nobel Prize Professor in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus… Conspiracy Theorist?.. Lets just give it 6 months!!


Thanks for that. We are living in strange times when transnational social media corporations are the arbiter of truth and side-step laws protecting free speech on behalf of national governments.

Here are a couple of interesting interviews from health care workers in Canada (link below) where the state is trying to implement mandatory vaccinations.

…hospital admissions should be at their lowest but are not – a lot of admissions are due to the vaccinated. Further, emergency units are not overflowing. He estimates that around 3,000 doctors and nurses are going to quit… He estimates he’ll lose his job within the month.

pfizer bribe


CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Warning List Dominated by Heavily ‘Vaccinated’ Countries…

“Authorities and the mainstream media have told us ad nauseum the ‘vaccines’ have been proven Safe and Effective!™, with efficacy figures of up to 95% bandied around as if they are long-established fact. If this were all true, then heavily ‘vaccinated’ countries should be safe havens from COVID-19. They should experience exceedingly low rates of infection, and be able to establish travel ‘bubbles’ with each other allowing their heavily ‘vaccinated’ subjects to travel freely…”

Yeah, right…!

“The exact opposite has happened. The world’s most heavily ‘vaccinated’ countries are the same ones reporting the most dramatic resurgence of COVID-19. And far from leading a return to normality in international travel, these nations are increasingly the subject of travel restrictions and bans by other countries…”


Was out Mountain Bike Riding today 250km from Melbourne in remote terrain (middle of nowhere) with a number of people I had never met before… One turned out to be an American Doctor who had just been flown in to help with a regional Hospital…

(Experienced regional medical personal are being seconded to metro Melbourne)

He sheepishly revealed that hospitals in the US are seeing surges in patients that have recently been vaccinated having to have limbs amputated due to serious clotting and blocking of capillaries and veins…

I was out exercising more than happy to be away from the constant pandemic bombardment… Only to overhear and join this discussion… A lot more was said which I won’t repeat here, but I will certainly start researching what was discussed… Stay tuned…

Now… You can take this any way you like as I have no data or proof that this happened…


This sounds a little patronising, implying that your average person (with an average IQ of 100) would have difficulty in understanding data if it were not made out to be too difficult to understand. My main role in life (job) is to take somewhat complex facts and turn them into something a senior manager could understand. Sometimes I win, sometimes I fail.

I have had an issue with statistics relating to Covid-19 since the start last January 2020. The UK government insists on declaring on a death certificate that the cause is Covid-19 if “the patient dies within 30 days of contracting Covid-19”. I think this is something that 99% of ordinary people (not particularly experienced in any kind of analysis) would ask “well before Covid-19, how many people died within 30 days of contracting all other diseases that required hospitalisation or medication to prevent or mitigate death”?

I have not seen stats on this matter, but I did listen to a BBC program on the way to Doncaster about six weeks ago that discussed this very topic. Without comparison, 3,500 deaths per month sounds pretty awful, except it seems to represent 3,500/1,000,000 which is one per 285 per month. How does that compare with the UK annual death rate of those who “catch the flu” every year?

If I find that stat, I will add to this, but others can do that for their own comparative benefit. Babypips is a forum for trading, and I see far too many news reports about covid elsewhere to wish to burden members on here with yet more incomplete discussion.

Edit. Some information from ONS about deaths from influenza and pneumonia - around 10,000 per month, or 3 times that headlined from Covid-19, though this data is 2020 not 2021. So how scared should we be of dying from Covid? About one third as scared as dying from flu or pneumonia. Unless someone can convince me that my logic is flawed, I will continue to believe that Covid-19 news is far too overblown, has had more money spent on it than any other disease in history, and that is dangerous because it gives conspiracy theorists a lot of ammunition to dream up alternative “reasons” for Covid-19 existence.


Is that getting harder ?

INteresting quote I heard somewhere

" Just think how stupid the Average person is - then consider that half the population is even dumber than that ! "

I ask whether your job is getting harder in recogntion of this “Even dumber” 50% and in consideration of the fact that now more than 50% of the population actually go to “University” where they are simply “educated” out of any spark of ability they may have had to “Think Critically” !

So is there anyone left among the young with a functioning brain ?

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Hi @Falstaff,
My personal experience with younger people is that they learn in different ways than people did 50 years ago. I try to be patient. Some have a serious attention span problem, but I find if they are genuinely interested in the subject matter, it matters not much whether or not they have gone to university. It matters that as an older person I try to accommodate their ways of learning. And the result is that I am an incessant youtube customer, and have got pretty good at internet search criteria over the 20 years or so that t’interweb has been around.

It’s easy to dismiss younger people. I have met some pretty clever (self made income generators) from 12 to 22 in the last few years which gives me a feeling of comfort that I may end up getting just a smidgen of a government pension, and there will be someone paying income taxes for me to take benefit from. If I don’t die of Covid first :face_vomiting:

Edit after looking for stupid on Wiki.

I think we have both used the same definition of stupid but in slightly different ways. I actually love people who act stupid. It sometimes masks a high degree of intelligence.

or lacking interest or point (vexing, exasperating).


Stupidity is a quality or state of being stupid, or an act or idea that exhibits properties of being stupid.[4] In a character study of “The Stupid Man” attributed to the Greek philosopher Theophrastus (c. 371 – c. 287 BC), stupidity was defined as “mental slowness in speech or action”. The modern English word “stupid” has a broad range of application, from being slow of mind (indicating a lack of intelligence, care or reason), dullness of feeling or sensation (torpidity, senseless, insensitivity), or lacking interest or point (vexing, exasperating). It can either imply a congenital lack of capacity for reasoning, or a temporary state of daze, or slow-mindedness.

In Understanding Stupidity , James F. Welles defines stupidity this way: “The term may be used to designate a mentality which is considered to be informed, deliberate and maladaptive.” Welles distinguishes stupidity from ignorance; where stupidity means one must know they are acting in their own worst interest in that it must be a choice, not a forced act or accident. Lastly, it requires the activity to be maladaptive, in that it is in the worst interest of the actor, and specifically done to prevent adaption to new data or existing circumstances."[5]

Playing stupid

Eric Berne described the game of “Stupid” as having “the thesis…‘I laugh with you at my own clumsiness and stupidity.’”[6] He points out that the player has the advantage of lowering other people’s expectations, and so evading responsibility and work; but that he or she may still come through under pressure, like the proverbially stupid younger son.[7]

Wilfred Bion considered that psychological projection created a barrier against learning anything new, and thus its own form of pseudo-stupidity.[8]

Isn’t that pretty much what I was saying ?

However that being the case and assuming that those who “went” were IQ 100 or more - why on earth would any thinking Boy choose to waste the £100,000 or so going to “University” - if it does not provide any practical differentiation from those of “lesser IQ” - who didn’t go there ?

“Who is John Galt ?”

Over 160,000 hospitalised and 4000 died from Influenza in Australia during 2019… Figures far in-excess of COVID statistics for 2020 and 2021 combined… Hardly made the News in 2019…

Yet COVID in 2021 has 17 million people locked in their houses for 22 hours per day…

@Mondeoman, You will have to read the original thread to understand this comment…
It has absolutely nothing to do with IQ… It’s about data and statistics that don’t match reality.

Once again if you read the origin thread, this is exactly one of the anomalies that is being debated in both threads. When previous medical statistics of other respiratory diseases are held up against the COVID pandemic data… The current restrictions and hysteria around COVID begin to look contrived.

Exactly what this threads discussion is attempting to fleshout…


Sorry to disappoint - but when I said “Stupid” - it was sinply because I used teh word “dumb” twice in my (mis)quote - so I changed the one to “Stupid” for the sake of variety ! :wink:

However your post is really quite interesting and I can point to an example of this ;

An old flame of mine was “Ed of sociology” at a local Grammar School and she had this lad called “Glen …” who was adept at playing the fool or “Stupidity” - because he was so bright - but wanted to fit in with his peers - Nowadays according to some of those with a thoughtful nature like Peterson and Aaron Clarey it is readily called “ADHD” and drugged into submission !

[ That however interesting is a deviation from teh general case ! :wink: ]

“Hey Honey, your work is good but if you don’t let me stick this thing into you, I will fire you”


“Harvey who ?”

The UK government has announced it is unlikely the country will ever return to lock-down despite rising cases in the country.

It also dropped a plan to make people in England show vaccine passports to enter crowded events such as nightclubs, the health minister said, claiming he “never liked the idea”.

Finally… Commonsense has finally won out in the UK… British Politicians that pushed for the removal of common freedoms of movement and participation in a segregated society via vaccine passports are looking quite ridiculous now…


Finally for Katie she has something to celebrate… And so do countless millions across the UK.

When you attempt to merge science with politics… Well… Unfortunately, you get just get politics…

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My laptop camera is turned off, so how did you…? :wink:

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I’m really not convinced about any of this. Not a conspiracy guy but it’s obvious to see that this is not the solution.

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This is not correct.

Covid infection is not the “cause of death” - very often the cause of death is pneumonia or organ failure. For this reason a UK death cert, which has to be written by a MD or coroner, and given to next of kin - same time it is electronically sent to ONS.

There are 2 parts on the cert - 1st is health or event sequence leading directly to death, part 2 are other health conditions that contributed to death but were not of the direct sequence.

On the cert there is a box “underlying cause of death” - this is where you guys glean the numbers on flu deaths etc - this box is for data recording.

The underlying cause of death is defined as the health condition or event that started the train of events leading to death and is worked out according to rules from the WHO.

Covid is the underlying cause of death in around 92% of deaths where it was mentioned on the death certificate.

Pretty boring stuff - recent neighbour tested positive, had diabetes, into hospital with pneumonia and sadly passed - so which one was the cause of death?

(Source ONS UK)