Cowabunga system MT4 indicator

Do you have a description of this indicator?

Thank you so much for providing this indicator!

mt4 is that what I need, Ty


I’m a newbie trader and this is my first time analysing markets with a trading system. I am using Cowabunga as my first system to try out because it seems simple enough.

At 13:15 GMT today I saw all the the indicators line up for a long position on GBPUSD, so I placed a buy order (paper trading) at 1.31805.

I’m not worried about the results, since it’s paper trading and I’m applying proper risk management, but I am doing the checking manually, can anyone confirm this was a trade signal for Cowabunga and I haven’t missed anything?

Thanks, (screenshot below)

Hi fernan,

I’m also a newbie but took a look at your setup and it seems right but for the MACD. As far as I’m concerned, to go long the MACD has to be negative and increasing value. In your case is already positive. (So You’ve Finished The School Of Pipsology…Now What? -

However, as it has a rather small value, perhaps you can get away with it. I guess at the end is up to you.

Thanks for sharing, happy trading!

Hi im new to trading, could someone give me the link to the MT4 indicator?

With the new forums it seems that all attachments aren’t there… I cannot see the indicator file anywhere.

Did you find the indicator file anywhere? Not seeing it.

20 characters limit omg.

I think I might have found it here: Cowabunga Forex Trend Following Strategy | Forex MT4 Indicators

The system details are the same as can be found here: So You’ve Finished The School Of Pipsology…Now What? -

The Zip file includes a template file and a MT4 file. Sound right? Haven’t loaded them up yet. On the first link, I had to register for an account to get the DL link to work. But I used a throw away email account, so no harm there. Give that a look!

Check this out over here. Pretty colors!


I’m trying to set up email alerts to my phone but I am having problems connecting my MT4 platform to my email. I’m using gmail and keep getting the error messages that “I failed to connect” or “login to stmp failed.” I’m tryed it with no port numbers as well as port numbers 465 and 587.
Anyone have any tips for getting these email alerts to go through. All I’m searching for with these email alerts is when the 5 and 10 ema’s cross.

Thanks for your help.

Where can I download it? Seems not to find the file here… Lol… I think am. Lost

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Hi Everyone,

Is the Cowabunga MT4 indicator still working?

Where can we download it? Thanks.

I downloaded the indicator. It doesn’t seem to be giving the correct signals on the 15m chart. It’s almost the opposite. When there is a red arrow, almost every time the price went up. This is based on back testing.

I uploaded both files in MT4. Could that have caused the issue? Is anyone still testing the indicator, of have you moved on?

Same happens to me. Is there any later version of it running now maybe?

There has to be something missing. It can’t be that bad. The thread seems dead so maybe everyone has moved on.

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I think the indicator has outlived its usefulness and is no longer valuable. Too bad.

Cuwabanga!!! The name is still nice ))

Please can you download cowabunga system and install it on mt4 platform on smartphone apart from pc