Cowabunga System!

Hey Guys.
Just found this site. One of th best i have see so far on the net. Was reading up on the Cowabunga System and I was curious if it would still be efficient if it operated on 30 min/daily (24 hour) time frames as opposed to the 15min/4hr time frames suggested by the creator. thanks guys!!!:smiley:

[B]His System defines some strick rules & You might have observed in his screenshot’s that he is very strick to his rules & Specially one good thing i have observed in his system that he alway’s go with trend in his favour that’s why his system got good winning ratio… Though i am not trading through his method but some year’s back when i deeply study his system then i think i found his system working best on G/U With only 15-Minute’s timeframe & on that time i did little change in his system as i use AC Indicator instead of MACD… But i think if you like his system then it’s batter for you to go with same rules & regulation’s which he define’s in his system including 15-Minute timeframe…
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

Thanks for the info PipHacker. His system has not been working extremely well for me. I am still looking at other combinations of indicators to make my moves. I was curious to what techniques you use if you don’t mind sharing?:slight_smile:

Well Ade you can follow piphacker’s journal, it’s a good read.

In my opinion moving average crossover isnt really that effective and it probably takes your focus off what is happening.

Below are some threads that helped me and if i had found them earlier would have saved me months.

Of course you dont have to read any of the threads listed, but it will definitely shorten learning curve if you did

[B]I also dont like Moving averages crossing …I am trading through several different method’s… Coz Market always changes it’s behaviour time to time anyway’s im trading through Support & Resistance line’s , Trendlines, Pavoit point’s(Sometime’s) , Fib’s(Sometime’s) & My favourate candle stick pattren’s… I use very commen indicator’s like Stoch , RSI & Just a single moving average with Sar dot’s sometimes also…I think the best & the most reliable method which seems to me reliable is candlestick pattren , S/R Level’s, trendlines & price breakout’s… This is the link of my Journal go through there maybe you may find any screenshot of your use…
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

Thanks for those links very very helpful, especially the link on IB’s, traded it all night, seemed to work quite well.I am still reading up on the other threads and will let you know how they perform.
Thanks, i will look into ure methods.