CPI Release Tomorrow

Canada?s Calendar was quiet today, leaving investors to speculate on tomorrow?s CPI data. CPI figures are expected to be softer, suggesting easing inflationary pressures. However, if inflation reads higher than forecasted, it could encourage The Bank of Canada to act on its “modest” need to further increase interest rates.

[B]Previous 24 hours:
[/B]There were no economic indicators scheduled for Canada over the previous 24 hours.
[B]Next 24 hours:
Consumer Price Index[/B] (MoM) (JUN)
Expected: 0.2%
Previous: 0.4%
[B]Consumer Price Index[/B] (YoY) (JUN)
Expected: 2.5%
Previous: 2.2%
[B]Bank of Canada Consumer Price Index[/B] Core (MoM) (JUN)
Expected: 0.1%
Previous: 0.3%
[B]Bank Canada Consumer Price Index Core[/B] (YoY) (JUN)
Expected: 2.6%
Previous: 2.2%
[B]Leading Indicators[/B] (MoM) (JUN)
Expected: 0.4%
Previous: 0.5%
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