Creating a swing chart (how to ? )


I’ve just read the book Forex Wave Theory ( by Bickford) and they a have a very nice explanation and summary of waves in forex market. Once of the tools they use in finding waves automatically in the past is a so called Swing Chart. Basically it’s a chart based on “[I]minimum fluctuation unit[/I]” and “[I]minimum reversal amount[/I]” that plots a wave chart over the bar/candlestick chart where the wave reverses if the minimum reversal amount was met.

It’s sorta a way to filter out the data and just plot the waves. Changing the minimum reversal amount you can either have more detailed picture with more waves or a global picture with just a few waves for high [I]minimum reversal amount[/I].

Anyway I was trying to find a way to plot it but I can’t find any information anywhere on this tool. Has anyone ever used them and how did you plot them ?


Take a look here. Elliott Wave, Action Forex

This website has no information on swing charts.