Creating trend lines

When creating trend lines, whee do you base your analysis on?

Do you base it in when a trade open and closes?

Have you checked out the School here? Theres a lesson.

I guess to answer your question, it could be both, bottoms and tops.

Maybe this article can help you. Good luck

Very good solution. BabyPips is an educational forum from which a lot of knowledge can be gained.

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I usually draw them on the line chart which is based on closing prices
But don’t forget that you have to deal them as zones and not a single line
just like support & resistance areas

Hey @Yervano, you have any examples?

I draw them on the line chart but when analyzing the markets
I also take into consideration the wicks (shadows) of the candles and treat them as zones
Like I have drawn for support and resistance–>grey zones

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Thanks for sharing. Didn’t think to switch to line chart.

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You’re welcome
But it still depends on what’s best for YOU
Some people draw using the wicks/shadows (candle highs)
others use the closing price (which is the line chart)
So it really depends on the trader but most importantly you need to treat them as zones and not a single line

Lines. It’s so easy to get so focused on a line and that exact price. Great tip on zones.

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To draw a trend line, you simply look at a chart and draw a line that goes with the current trend. When drawing trend lines it is best if you can connect at least two tops or bottoms together. The more tops or bottoms that connect, the stronger the trend line.