CROOK-CHEAT Automated Forex Trading Robot FROM MFM7

Hi all,
I want to denounce the seller of Expert Advisors and Automated Trading “MFM7 REAL MONEY FOREX ROBOT”,his URL is
My intention is to inform your users so that they will not suffer as victims as well.
I bought his product, which had a refund of money within 60 days.“Money Back Guarantee - I offer a full 60 day money back guarantee” writes.
After a 30-day trial I realized that it was useless, for a month I was asking for my money back.
There was no answer, although I told him that I would report to all famous forum, he looks like to have no problem with that !!
For the protection of your readers I would like you to properly communicate my letter.
Of course for any information and document you need from me I am at your disposal

Thank you very much

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I’ve posted your concern over on another post were people will look at it more often

I’ve tried searching reviews for this EA, most of them look like a paid blog reviews about the product.

I’m sorry about what happen and thank you for sharing your bad experience with this EA here in the forums.