Crypto news trading

orange juice and oil futures? - they’re both liquids :tropical_drink:

have you looked much at the currency pairs said to be “highly technical” and “much less news-dependent”: AUD/NZD, USD/CAD and EUR/CHF? (i am just asking, not recommending!)


Haha good one!

I am not aware of these pairs that are highly technical. I should look into them.

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the “argument” is, of course, that they’re such closely related economies that most news affects each side of the pair very similarly (i’m sure there’s some truth in it, too)

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Don’t these pairs remain range bound most of the time?

probably - don’t most pairs?

Very hard to gain a news advantage in crypto. People seem to be in the know of what’s coming next way ahead of you. Strangely, the price seems to move before the news hit the tape.

Well, not exactly. Crypto assets have much more news and events which can push the price up or down.
However it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no news at all that affects crypto prices.

Let’s tae XRP for example, and its price spike in July of this year. As far as I can remember it was due to the news that Ripple won the court against the SEC. Or if we will be more precise, the SEC has dropped the charges against Ripple which caused this massive gain in value from the XRP coin.

Or let’s take another example that every crypto enthusiast knows about. I am talking about Bitcoin halving . After which Bitcoin price goes to the sky, breaking the roof.
It’s a purely fundamental thing that has a huge impact on the price.
So you can find some events that move the crypto prices and I suppose there will be more and more of them.