Cryptos falling off the cliff

Who is still in after experiencing the last 24 hours? Bitcoin hit USD 5700 on June 23rd, and we’re currently hovering between 6200 and 6300. I don’t think we’re at the bottom just yet. Sad face.

I don’t know whether you’re aware of this thread ?

You may find some interesting contributions there :slight_smile:

Excellent thanks! I should use the search feature more often!

long-term investment in BTC makes sense. As for intra-day trading, it’s too unexpected now on the market

I feel the whales are playing the minnows for fools. A huge buy occurs, usually in the span of 5-10 minutes. Minnows come in to get a piece of the action, price pumps, and then within the hour, dump. Like clockwork. Rinse and repeat. Strangely, this appears across different exchanges simultaneously. to the minute. Begs the question of how liquidity actually works at the exchange level.

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