Currency Pair - Questions - ECN/Broker with the most

Hey guys,

I know there are going to be alot of people who really don’t care about other currency pairs than the majors, like the exotics and all, but I’ve got a few questions about the way this is put together

We all know that everyone offers the “majors” and there are some that offer some “exotics” -well, who is it to determing these pairs?

Is it the Broker that says, “well guys, lets offer USD/EUR, CAD/JPY - but also, let’s offer this strange pair CAD/MEX and MEX/TRY” ???

[B]Are there brokers/ECN that will allow you to trade whatever currency pairs you want??? Or are you forced to just trade the pairs that they offer???[/B]

Then I guess they get to determine the PIP spread for those pairs they choose?


I think it is a mathmatical correlation for example

gbp/usd + usd/jpy = gbp/jpy

the gbp/jpy is nothing more than the sum of these 2 pairs and I would assume that is also true of some of the more “exotic” pairs. Also I want to caution you that those exotic pairs generaly have a lower liquidity and therefore in some instances have a huge spread and erratic unpredictable behavior.

Well, would anyone know who has the largest selection of currency pairs???

Someone recommended me Ikon Platinum which is a platform as MT4 which allows you to trade online and for your wishes they have lot of pairs to choose.

Maybe you�re looking for exotic currencies but the majors are easy to trade and the forums are willing to give too much information about them

I agree with you, Ikon has a great variety of pairs for you trade, I’m only starting to work with it. They say it’s quite better than the MT4, but that depends on you. If you’re looking for trade variety also check the Core Options. Now if I understand correctly, let me tell you that the broker doesn’t tells you what pair to trade, they recommend on which to do, as you know the “majors”, but that just depends on what pair you feel more comfortable with.

I was talking in some other thread about how Ikon platinum has given to me the opportunity to trade with pair I didn’t even think they existed. If you’re looking to get an insight with some new currencies I guess that’s the answer.